Monday, October 20, 2014

Death of the Sun

The sun, an un-mastered sea, of hydrogen and helium… 
Forever vibrant in its full swell—
Transforming it core, dispersing its energy, till its death!
Its heart is doomed to soulless fate!
But before its desolation, it will bloat,
Devour, a few planets fore and aft, perhaps earth!
It will then see its incontestable death!  
It will shed its skin, while its atoms do a stellar dance—
And it will dim, as its core shrinks to nothingness.
It will echo its pangs, live but collapse
And for man, it will be a storm, beyond his horizon:
An end to an eternal song…  (but he will be long gone)

October 16, 2014/No: 4571