Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Man’s Instinct (his Realism)

For Woman Only!
A Man’s Instinct (his Realism)

Now why did I do that? I could taste it, I had to. That’s all I know about it.
I mean I never had no earthly reason to do what I did.
But I know this: what a man has to do, he has to do!
Does that make sense?
I can’t explain it, but let me try.
We fight angrily, sometimes in a frenzy of agitation! I mean, men, we do!
Over duty and desire, etcetera…
Instinct tells us to defend our honor.
If need be, threatening with our solar plexus, if you know what I mean.
What is it that compels us to defend? And sometimes to our very end!
I tell you it is instinct!
It can even over power love, if love is weak—;
Example, take the bone away from the dog, see what happens!
Pray the dog has sensibilities, first; very deep feelings for you, first!
It is like taking a job away from a man, he’ll fight like a dog, why?
It’s his bone! (and it is instinct: it has nothing to do with good or bad)
Why?  (I know I keep asking why, why…)
I repeat, what a man has to do, he has to do, even if he can’t explain why…
That’s called ‘realism’ …

No: 4568/ October 4, 2014
Note: Realism is used in this poem to imply: social conditions as they actually are, not what one would like them to be! Thus, idealization is abstract, or absent.