Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nero’s Scenario

The king of beasts will not touch a tooth to bring on his mother’s death
But the cub once being grown, like the wolf and the jackal,
Will bare tooth against their fathers—
Thus, strike the paw that has breed you.
Not even Alexander, not King Priam, nor his enemy Agamemnon, would
Strike his own mother a death blow!
The blade in the hand of the man-child, remembers the breast that he
Suckled as a babe; hence, the Lion-gate of Mycenae, that broke the
Citadel of Priam, how unaccountable they were to their gods, yet not to
Their mothers… whom King Agamemnon could slaughter his daughter
For the victory of Troy, whom he knew once grown, could like Helen,
Bring on many times many evils, clapped not an eye, at his wife’s
Dismay, over his daughter being sacrificed!
I’ll tell you something:
There is an exception to the rule: a man can slaughter another’s mother,
In return, for a mother slaughtered! Nero’s scenario.  

No: 4564/9-30-2014