Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Great Gulf

If he accomplishes more than I, he must have more intelligence?
That’s a lie! Mind the Gap!
Nature versus nurture, determines the advancement of a race?
That’s too is a lie! Mind the Gap!
The fat the tall, the thin, the small—the physical: shapes and sizes have nothing to do with intelligence.
How about environment?
Are we talking about the mentality of man? The temperament, character, the state of mind…
As humans we all belong to one genetic group—
A perfect design!
Mental traits shift within intermarriages, especially the physical—
But we all have similar tendencies!
The rest is mythology that does not work alongside of truth.
The mathematicians and physics, have their mythology too!
There is a gulf between the human and the animal
And it is not liken to an ancient wound in the brain that never got healed.
The soul of the animal is in a sinking-ghost-ridden darkness, and can never see the eternal light! 
Yet, perhaps, some have a hunch, man can?
Man has a steeper mind.
As there is a gulf between civilized and primitive humans, is not so unlike the gulf between the ability of different kinds of animals,
But they are in a nauseous drought about God, as we are not; man has a sensory organ, a pain and passion they will never find, as in poetry—
This is part of man’s gulf with the animal—
Impulse control, man’s attention span, his innovation of thought, cognateness, sustainability— was as much a part of the Neanderthal, as that of today’s man?
Just as all languages are comparative, none superior to the others, that’s what makes us brothers…
Animal equations did not bomb Hiroshima; nor did they find space and time, harboring the 4th dimension; that at the speed of light, time stops…
Although animal nerve-endings can feel pain and pleasure, liken to man!
By thought and gesture our ancestors molded out our language, like to like, even if one is unlike the other—
The gulf of primitive man, resides in the stages and states of a culture which it must pass through to reach civilized man; and race does not relate with the development of culture! Mind the Gap!
Should one think otherwise, it is a great mistake!
Knowledge: one generation feeds the next, from irrational to rational, from primitive to civilize.
The animal drags the sea-tides after him, or her: haggard with loneliness.

 No: 4574 (Oct 20 &21, 2014)