Friday, October 31, 2014

“The Men are coming, dear!”

“Aw, what is the sound I hear dear?”
“It’s the back wheel spinning and spinning
In the mud dear, we’re stuck!”

“Aw, what is the other sound I hear dear?”
“Only the men in the hunter’s cabin, up ahead,
Drinking, and laughing and singing dear!”

“By gosh, they’re coming towards us dear!”
“It is midnight hunting I suppose; or perhaps
 Midnight fishing on the lake, nearby dear!”

“Why then have they not left the road dear?
They look so resolute and callous, I fear?”
“I suppose it’s cold and damp, out there dear!”

“Then why are they shinning their flashlights
In our car window dear, it makes me nervous?”
“Surely, to see who is in here!”

“Aw, what do you think they want dear?
They’re not laughing or singing anymore…”
“I think they want you dear, I fear!”

“Oh, where are you going in such a hurry, you
Promised to love and protect me dear…”
“No, no, only to love you, and I do sincerely!”

They’re breaking the lock to the car with a crowbar
And their groans I can hear, are heavy! And their
Faces unrelenting, and their eyes are blazing…!

Written 10-31-2014/ No: 4585/ Note: this poem is fictional for the most part, although it originates from three sources 1) a dear friend of mine (in the early 90s), told me of such an experience she had with her boyfriend, and she asked me for my thoughts on the situation: he had left her stranded in a car, as he walked out of the woods to whom knows were, left her to defend herself. 2) In the 1980s, second case, was when this fellow was confronted by three young hooligans, his car stuck in mud, and his girlfriend with them, and he didn’t leave. I will not reveal the results of these two cases but, the poem has roots. Anyhow, 3) the third source, is in realizing W. H. Auden wrote a similar poem, perhaps more involved: “O what is the sound…” 1936, which is similar; henceforward, I took it upon myself to write “The Men are coming.” My advice to young woman, the older ones should know better, is: know who you’re dating: most men are cowards, and nowadays, there is little honor or chivalry in them. Not so unlike the world as a whole, where once your word was sacred with a handshake, it can be broken very easily, with no more thought than a drop of water.