Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Water Poem

All life depends on food, and all food depends on water…
A thousand pounds of water will produce one pound of food!
Ten-thousand pounds of water will produce one pound of meat!
The average person drinks about two-thousand pounds of water
       a year—
The average person eats about two-hundred pounds of vegetables
       and the same for meat, a year—
Thus, it takes over twenty-two thousand pounds of water a year to
       keep a small man or woman, alive and moving…

Advice: Do your homework: a population depends on water, make
You bookkeeping, equal to your water conservation; don’t depend
On others to do it for you; their results is always to their benefit…

No 4569/10-5-2014
Note: With all respect intended, alas, such an oversight of conservation of water, and water supply future availability, and political management: a good example is the present crisis in Porterville, California. My Prayers go with them.