Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Pure Breed

(…or, ‘The Bearded Old Man Passing by’)

To be a pure breed, and that is to mean, to be in a certain variety, such as a Jew, Poet, Man of God, Prophet, Priest, Philosopher, and so forth, Astral Physics will do too, and so forth, and on and on, requires one’s inheritance of mind and not of blood, one must have absorbed all the: tensions, stresses, all the other strains that their vital group have, through the millenniums, thus, that person is in short part of the pure breed. Let me elucidate: When a poet’s love for the word is strong s/he ‘can sleep on the edge of a sword,’ as they say.  The sum of all pure Jews requires one rule ‘Repent the day before your death,’ and since no man knows that day, hence, repent daily. And so the Jew must live on the edge of death. And for the poet, he must write what he intends to write, today. A priest must not show white-lipped fury, neither the prophet nor philosopher—and realize sometimes his presence is enough to be looked upon as the burden, when more often than not, people feel things must be done on their terms or not at all. And they must realize, the pure breed must realize, those who are in their presence, those who do wrong are often encouraged by their presence. The old bearded man is passing by, step aside (that is the feeling: the question being: does it feel good or awkward? The other question, is for the pure breed: are you genuine? Because ‘no one cares how much you know, until you show how much you care’)

No: 4576 (10-22-2014)