Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Spit into his Bowels

A Spit into his bowels
(The sins of alcoholism: sin for sin!)

The young man, James Morgan
Confessed, on March 11, 1680—
Of his many sins
One being the sin of drunkenness
That caused him to commit
An abundance of other sins.
Said he: for when drunk:
“I curse and swore, quarrel and fight—
“In so doing, despise the word of ´God!”
And this he confessed, in so many words:
Brought him to a shameful end, and a
Miserable death!  —by execution.
For he was as bad as his word!
“I have ran a rod into the intestines of another man,
“In his own home…!”
Thus, preached the Reverent Pelion:
“As a result, take head of these sins—
“It is the curse of passions!”
And so, he murdered him, out of drunkenness.
“For this double sin: or sin for sin—I have provoked”
Said James Morgan, “Almighty God, who has allowed
“one sin to pile on top  of another,
“until one condemns one’s self.”

Written: 10-14-2014
Note: Taken from a case study done in 1680, by Cotton Matter.
No: 4571.