Thursday, May 1, 2014

Troy’s demise

Troy’s demise
(A Tale of Helen & Paris)

Part One

Paris Prince of Troy
Wooed Helen—
Goddess of the Spartan King
With an eye of deceit
And devilish air
Paris and Menelaus, like to like.

Paris the younger,
Young and famous
Helen lovely, lonely and ripe
Knew more than she would teach—
One was married, the other
Wanted a wife!

Lustful Helen, and lustful Paris
Knew little each from each,
Cared little for those they deceived—
They were the brightest stars
In the blackest sea!
Who brought to Troy:
War, hatred and misery.

And once in Troy, she wore the
Golden crown—
As Agamemnon vowed
To crush proud Troy
To the dirt and ground…
And the cup of hate was filled
To the brim, and 1000-ships sailed
Into the Mediterranean winds
From Argos Bay!

And what was the cause of the war?
For many had asked!
The vanity of Agamemnon—
The spoils of Trojan towns.
King Prim’s pride—
His, unrighteous children.
Everything a pretext,
For a righteous War.

No love among men of this kind!
Just ruin, rain and death.
And for those left at home
Pain of mind, little food and little wine.
Women, children, old men
Left to toil the soil, forge weapons.

Part Two

Paris killed, guarding the Skaian Gate.
And now after so much death,
Men and kings sought peace…
But Prince Deiphobus, said ‘No’
Come what may (Paris’ brother)
He loved Helen too—
Like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

And so proud, Troy fell
Sacked and burnt, her temples ploughed.
Down came the glory and the proud!
No more than ashes, cinders, dark smoke:
Thorns—and blunt swords…
It was for King Agamemnon, a triumph, 
In the 10th year of battle:
Hektor dead, Prims son; Achilles dead,
Prince of the warriors…

Part Three

Fury, fangs and evil leaped from the hearts
Of these madmen… from end to end!
With all the hounds of hell, they sought
After those who escaped, their shrieking
Untimely death…
Vengeance will not bring back
Hektor, Paris or Achilles— but the devil
Wanted his due…!
As Odysseus sailed off for home,
As Apollo’s temple had been profaned.
And Agamemnon, — sailed too!

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