Friday, May 16, 2014

Becoming Sea (11,500 B.C. –9500 B.C.) Prose Poem


You’d never have thought the sea would become impassable for man—   
       Atlantis sinking caused this, —like a dead flower into the beautiful Atlantic, in one night, and a half day; no longer navigable by vessel, like a
       dead mound of pulp and mush, cut out of  mud, muck and slush, and  
       gulfs and eddies; she the Ageless, the uncontainable—; under a purple Fold, and Archkingdomship, of Angelic Renegades, passed onto their Sons, Poseidon being one, half-breed: half human, half demon, and his Wife Cleito the same, an unfamiliar spirit, and his five sets of twins, who
       would rule as Ten Kings  for ten-generations:  once this Archkingdom,
       standing between the Pillars of Hercules, and seven stone stepped Islands, and the latter, the  lands beyond it, were to remain unknown,  all  
       directed by the same decrees of the Master Creator, the King of Kings,
For a new epoch of man was to arise, in what was to be called:
       the Garden of Eden.

The Kings conquered lands like gathering robes, or golden-weaved sandals
       for their feet. They snatched Asia, Europe, and Libya, all the way to Egypt. And then was repelled by Athens.
Eh, they did not keep state with the Creator. And in a night and day,
       he submerged Atlantis forevermore.  Cleared a path for Modern Man.
So think of her kindly, for she will never come into her wits again.

Had they not lived on warfare, created themselves into gods, mimicked the 
       Creator, stumbled homeward in the dark drunk, pitied no one, and yet Very fortunate—; had they not enslaved the world around them, in their
       time which was 900,000-years, opposed humanity, each man, each  Atlantean, would not have been laying like soaked bread in the Atlantic
They loved the evil of the good and mad wine! Murderers—they made the
       sun black.


They were an anxious people, of high rank, of blood-thirstiness.
They had outgrown their usefulness, too warlike; if man could hold in his
       mind all the conditions at once of these far-off days, today, of man and War and woman, and civilization, this I do believe would not persuade him
       to stop warring, thus, we have acquired the Atlantean blood.
Perhaps when Atlantis sank—I see it now—they are all crying, perpetual   
       cries, by the mountains, yet should God save them,  they would remain Powerless to understand, unwilling to be re-involved with peace. Living,   
       dead, human or not, their world was not forming but rather fixed, and descending, no longer useful for man, God, or nature.   

Perhaps Mesoamerica grew out of the roots of sunken Atlantis; perchance,
       the Druids unadorned history links them to the ancient docks of Atlantis: to the moats of Atlantis. As the Mayan and Aztec and the Toltec’s,
       are the survivors of this lost civilization. Who’s to say, all this alludes Egypt, I do believe, as it would have Plato who got his hypotheses, for his
       authoritive myth.

The Atlantean era, the 4th ‘Root Race’ now the ‘Aryan Race’ (her own race);
       destroyed themselves through war and psychic powers and
       supernatural powers.  Now Atlantis was humped like a dead camel, in a Muddy and stretched out gave.
She needed to live greatly and be heard, like Confucius, and Muhammad,
       and Buddha, and  Rumi, and alike, in so doing quieted love, for love of Herself, not the people outside of Atlantis, she would not do it. For power
       she would do it; but not be content long.


Truth or fiction, no matter how you wear it, too closely, or too distant, it
       smells like an element of foamed-wet granite, sea-fangs under her Summit,  now, in the smelt waters of the Atlantic; point: Atlantis has a
       message for modern man, no matter how you see it, and the message Is something like this:  the governments today, need to examine their ideas
       of power; it is more worthwhile than exploring the sea bed for Atlantis.
Just knowing why Atlantis sank, is good reason to ponder this game of war
       and bully-bully, to gain land, to enslave, to  dominate!
Atlantis failed man, and God, both. If Atlantis is not a warning for man, than
       what is it?

God has cleared a path for man: first it was the Ice Ages, God cleared out
       the Mammoths—five million of them; then sinking of Atlantis, 9,600 B.C., and ridding man of the supernatural;  so then onto Adam, and so that 
       Adam could be placed in the Garden of Eden. And then came the Great Flood, 4000 B.C., again God got rid of the giants, and the so called
       Neanderthal, or Antediluvian Race, that lived 1000-years, and had
       brains the size of the Neanderthals, three times humankind’s brain Size; then he sent is son, Jesus down, 3 B.C., to usher in man’s soul, as
       the Roman Empire conquered the world, making roads, and bridges And all those connections for man to cross over the known world: bridging
       the world all  together, once and for all. And now we have arrived to “The Modern Age”, had these events, or other eras maintained existence,
       we’d not be able to adjust to them, or have them adjust to us.
Think not, that God did not take this into consideration, it is too obvious, to
       overlook, lest you are blind, or simply want to be obnoxious to the Creator.       No: 4349 (5-14-2014