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(Extracts from :) Ithuriel, the Hominid

(Extracts from :)
Ithuriel, the Hominid

by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c.

When I first composed this story, it seemed to be more centered in poetic prose, like Baudelaire, or Robert Bly’s work or for that matter even Robinson Jeffers—not intended to be but ended up being:  or alike. That each extract in itself comes out to be a prose poem. Thus, ‘Ithuriel…’ was written in a three day period, on the spur of the moment actually.  Kind of an inspired meditation on humanity and its roots, if there was a motif or intended one, or theme running through it, linking one extract to another, it was by and large conveying in the simplest language the richness and complexity of God’s bringing about humanity in this unique way, up, and from, and into the 21st Century. And so this is how I felt on the project, while doing it.  Now I know feelings are neither right nor wrong they just are, but what was my aim, purpose, I asked myself. Perhaps, I was trying or hoping that a writer, a poet could describe something larger than large, and put into a nutshell, at the same time without claiming it, without immersing it, but rather allowing the mind to cut out what it wants at random, like Allen Ginsburg has often did within his scatted poetry, and so, not putting oneself into an enclosed tank of desire. But I suppose this is not what happened, quite the opposite. My desires and disappointments in mankind, the world, and so on, move along with each episode, or extract, the way they move.  All of me has a hunger that pulls ever-which-way, each extract became a hollow tree to be filled, by itself: and it was filled with aggressiveness, rage, and desire, and love and it became an object poem—or a purpose poem, prose poem to be exact, an episodic prose story,  as this perhaps is more than isn’t; with human images, imaginative language, and who knows some fantasy perchance, and realism, and truth, and philosophy, theology, archeology, anthropology, geology, and so on: we might say the story Ithuriel has to tell, that he has a complicated soul from which all this flows—and a Neanderthal brain, which is part of his nature, as is part of my nature,  to describe how a grain of grass turned into a field of weeds, flowers and grass.     DlSiluk

(Extracts from :)
Ithuriel, the Hominid

Ithuriel, the Hominid’s poem

I have watched nearly the entire age of man,
Have seen it end to end.
And it seemingly ends too soon.
Saw the hippogriff, and sipped dark-red, mandrake wine…
Fought the one-eyed Cyclopes, to pass an evening’s time!
I’ve had a long-lived-life, and ten-thousand dreams—
And I can tell you briefly,
This world of ours, is more than what it seems.

Note: Written 5-6-2014 (No: 4339)

“Siberia. At one time Siberia was mild, perhaps even tropical, and overnight turned artic.  I’ve been examining this a great while.  Why am I sure, I do not know, perhaps mere waywardness, imbecility, who’s to say, I’ve lived so long I’ve forgotten how old I am.  Back then, back before time was writing down, there were five-millions of mammoths, elephants, and they froze overnight, and they’re carcasses are buried under that overnight ice and mud, and frost:  now I know this for a fact and they died of asphyxia, along with rhinoceros, and other larger creatures, a catastrophic event took place.
       “Some of these warm blooded animals at one time lived in a warm Siberian climate. I am Ithuriel, and these are my extracts, call me the hominid. And have no doubt I am of this time period. I have no pretext to offer, just plane glances into the past. Although when you read my extracts, for I shall cut out much, do not feel like you are intruding, a strange word intruding, how one can intrude when someone leaves an account to be reckoned with.”

His extracts go recklessly on, in spite of anything I can do, so I shall just spit them out, as I read them for you.

“Maps. There are maps showing Antarctica, as a green landmass, I had one myself, I destroyed it, and had you seen it, it would be contradictory to your logic of the geo-physical makeup of earth as you know it to be today, in your time period.  Before the Great Flood, you could—should you look at a map today—squeeze all the continents together into one large landmass. All connected to one, and one to all. As you may have guessed, we are leading up to something. You see, you are new creatures, I am of the old breed. And as I go on, keep in mind, you as a new creature, would never be able to live, or have lied in my world, likewise, the animals of my time, would not have been able to live in your time. So it was a matter for the Creator to do something about it, and he did. Not because he cared to, but because animals of yesteryear could not live with sinful man of today, of your day: if that makes sense, and if it doesn’t well, nothing will then for you, beyond this point.
       “Anyhow, there was a vapor canopy surrounding the earth back in my time, thus causing a uniform temperature over one big multi-continent landmass, making for a tropical paradise.  Now during this time period—believe it or not—was selected and set apart, for the old creatures, who could not live in the cold, of that forbidden landscape that developed after the Great Flood. That is right, I’m sure you have no objections, for indeed these were harsh times, with big animals, I shall explain later on. You see I am like Homer, who talks about a disaster, but bear in mind, his is nothing compared to mine.  
       “We were talking about Paradise, this was reduced to a nil, overnight: now there was weather fronts battling one another, with violent storms. What took place?  The point being before the Great Flood, there was no weather fronts, no need for rainfall, a mist came up from under the earth’s  crust, this protected or provided for vegetation, so the atmosphere was full of oxygen. Animals, dinosaurs, of forty-tons or more, could grow endlessly. Insects with a wingspan of twenty-five inches, giant reptiles, all grow boundlessly.
       “Now for man. This kind of environment protected man too, from aging. To live a thousand years or so, and to retain this knowledge. Thus, there was no need for a written language, it was inside his big brain. The Neanderthal had a big brain, three times the size of modern man’s. That is why no writings have been found from this period, the so called, ‘Antediluvian Race’ my rivalry. Anyway, the Neanderthal died out, so the scientist say, 40,000 B.C., this is their theory, not reality, just like the Black Hole, it is a theory, not hard factual proof; far from it. Actually, modern man, 3% have Neanderthal blood still within their genetic makeup from those old dishoarded days; and the scientist say such creatures go back to 120,000 B.C. Well, the Samaritan race got the Neanderthal beat, they go back to 248,000 B.C. And there is some truth to both of them.
       “Well again, prior to the Great Flood, when earth was that so called paradise, there was little to no disease, it was a word unknown: that came later—with the demonic race.”

But what caused the disruption, I asked myself as I was reading the extracts: trying to figure out causes of the Great Deluge of course, and so what did caused it, not meaning intrinsic but physical, sin was the overall cause I knew that but what did God use? I was hoping Ithuriel, would tell me. I kind of felt sorry for the creatures that Ithuriel said couldn’t live with man, but instead of telling you right off what he meant, I’ll keep it a secret until it comes out in the extracts.)

The earth was corrupt, murder, wickedness, great malice. All the seven deadly sins, and then some, some you’d never imagine, some God never imaged.  There was at this time, perhaps five million human beings on earth, not to include the demon, the angelic race thrown out of heaven. And God warned them, endlessly warned them: get it to gather or move on. I know this for a fact, I heard Noah preach it. And the new movie about Noah, is garbage, I saw it, it is a scornful sin to even put it out on the screen, with Russell Crow as Noah, he must have had the devil on top of his heels to play such a variegated Noah, he made Noah look like, Agaliarept, the Henchman of Hell. And I’d not want to face God, on that account alone.
       “The flood just didn’t happen, something took place, geologic, and cosmic. Stop and think, what would cause five million elephants perhaps some fourteen-feet tall, to be abruptly buried under ice and mud,  mouths wide-open, erect, and as if in motion?  Answer that question. What would cause a landmass breakup, volcanos to disrupt, cubic miles of volcanic lava to pour with water every-which-way? The landmass under man’s feet to explode causing gushers and upwards! What would cause Antarctic to become Antarctica, the cold continent; from a paradise.  Now a frozen desert! Along with earthquakes; it all seemed as if there had been a significant, worldwide crust movement… And perhaps before all this, the impending danger causing animals to migrate to higher ground. Seeking refuge, as in Bolivia and Peru, where now one can see Stone Forest, and images of those bygone days. What caused the earth to have such violent spasms, floods of water and explosions worldwide, cause and effect we are talking about, atmospheric changes co-occurring: thus, covering all earth with water. No science fiction nonsense here, no idiotic theories, nothing superintended by some codified Harvard professor, who wants to sell books. This here is free for the taking, if you take it now.
       “Had there been two moons, our earth having lost one, would have caused such a disruption, I say if, because God uses gravity and all those other elements to do his work, usually. Having gained one, making it two, would have created paradise: in a similar manner, should we lose the one moon we got, we’ll all burn up tomorrow. So moons play a specific and necessary role in a planet’s survival.   And had there been a disruption with the sun, which would have caused a ripple effect in space, all the way to Mars, destroying the soul of that planet, the ripple would have made its way to earth’s moons, and perhaps consumed it in eternal fire, until it was zilch, and its sister moon, only heaven knows, but as we all know it is deader than a doornail. But with this kind of disruption the crust of the earth—some  twenty-five miles thick—would  have certainly felt the pull, and moved drastically in perhaps a zigzagging manner, as to change reality for earth, forevermore. Now I must take this to a different dimension, if not a similar scenario…

       “There is another thing I have seen developing for the 21st Century in my little pan of water: all that I’ve said put aside for a moment. Nature will have convulsions, think not, that it will not happen, it has come close to it, like the U.S. has come per near 400-times having nuclear war with Russia to date. But what I am really talking about is, the moon, sun, and stars, and planets in our solar system. I see this clear as day. Mt. St. Helens will look like a misty fog compared to what is in store. I am talking about a pole shift, which may have occurred in our time, causing our disasters, as well as will occur in your time. You call it the Jupiter Effect. Which involves geophysical and astrophysical issues. Such as earthquakes and volcanic disruptions galore. Which will cause massive starvation, and unprotected corps, and inflation worldwide, and supply of food disruptions. Man will have to get into prophecy and physics to understand this. For the world’s geography of these latter days, will become drastically effected. The Magnetic pole shifts within a radius of 400-miles normally: should it shift to a cataclysmic pole shift, in which the earth trembles in space and slips its molten interior, it will be drastic for mankind. This may be caused by a near-grand alignment of the solar systems planets. And to be honest, earth is overdue by fourteen-years, for such a shift, so the experts indicate. Now what a better time for the Antichrist to war with the world, and have conflict with God himself, then when this shift takes place, perhaps it is being prolonged just for this occasion.

       “Now we must go into another link with earth, and man!”

The extracts I am reading to you, and that you are reading from my readings, I cannot pinpoint the weary time period they were written, simply because, as Ithuriel has said, he is from a time period when man did not need to have scribes, or a written language, thus what you are reading is a pale translation, handed down by mouth, and legend, like the ‘The Legend of Gilgamesh’ (2700 B.C.) or Homer’s ‘Iliad,’ which was perhaps written down, 400-years after it was told, 1250 B.C.  And to be honest, the fragments which are in stone, betray a clear reading, and therefore we can all agree or disagree with them. On the other hand, the writer, superintending no paradox, or riddle, it is straight forward as he sees it, as any scientist or philosopher sees his so called hypothesis.  Now back to our unyielding orator.

“Adam.   I can’t really tell you how old is man, no one knows but God. But I can tell you a few things on my ancestors, and yours. We never thought of ourselves as apes, although we acted like them, and we were actually crueler.  I think that is just a way to de-soul a person, and place him into the animal kingdom. So did he belong to what you now call the superfamily, the Homoinoidea?  Meaning I think, the evolutionary process of ape turning into man! Like a dry kernel of corn, turning into a watermelon. God forbid such a stupid analogy. An ape is an ape, like an elephant is an elephant. Like a worm is a worm, like a kernel of corn is just that. What more can I say. Now I have read humanity has evolved over four-million years, and the Sumatran figures 248,000-years will do for humanity. And Adam’s family goes back to perhaps 9,000 B.C. And if we want to go see when the ape was born, the scientist say, 33-million B.C. They got this all figured out, by some, graphic chart in their homeroom. Who made the graph up? It wasn’t Aegyptopithecus, that’s for sure. And they would say, diversification came about 10-million B.C. It makes them sound either very smart, cleaver, or stupid. Take your pick. They also say, earth is 4.5 billion years old, and the universe is 14-billion years old. Now this isn’t, boy scouts honor stuff, you have to take it as a good guess, like black holes, and unicorns, and I don’t mean rhinos.”

“Demons. We are talking about man now, and we have to—like it or not—get into demons, like Botis the Gate Keeper of Hell: they have names personalities, they exist. It’s all part of the motif involved here. The so called encompass investigation of earth, life, the universe and man, now demons are part of man’s heritage, like it or not. Actually, they were here first. Man may think he was, but he was not. And we have to look at the angelic renegades, kicked out of heaven, with their big-shot leader, Lucifer. And if we want, we can look at oppression and illness, demonic halogens spread disease about, like bees such honey; maybe I’ll leave that out.
       “So we must look at demons for what they are. They are now, not what they used to be, and now they are spirits, lying spirits, religious and homosexual and lesbian and deaf, dumb spirits, and some all encompassed. Actually they were here before Adam was here. Waiting at the edge of the Garden of Eden. Guess who with? Lucifer and his million man entourage, —angelic castaways. Lucifer, in bigger circles is known as ‘The Devil’.
       “You see, Lucifer, or Satan, ruled the earth before God created Adam. He also ruled half the planets in earth’s solar system. And he ruled the race of men, who become wicked, and who chose Lucifer’s rule to God’s, and who became, branded I should say, as demon: ‘de’ standing for ‘devil’ and ‘men’ meaning,  ‘men’, in other words, devil-men, or Satan’s men. This was what you might call a pre-Adamic race. And so they were condemned, and sent to live in the so called netherworld, in the crust of the earth. Perhaps what some of the Anthropologists and Archeologists are finding are their remains; perhaps they are finding their stone arrow-heads, and other artifacts they’ve left behind, who’s to say? You see once the scientist finds them, they label them as from the: Stone People, why? Because they are made of stone, so the people who made them, in lack of a more proper term, are called the intricate name of: ‘Stone People.’ You’d think these great scientists could come up with a better name.  Well who were the Stone People? They don’t know so they just make up their own stories about them, no more credible than the man on the moon, with Jules Verne. Hence, I’d not be too deeply concerned of their error.
       “So you see, earth has a long, or longer history than what you might have thought, and it seeps into the 21st Century. So you are living among the supernatural, who have been given limits. Yet that doesn’t dissolve their perseverance, confidence, and boldness. And if you have a good relationship with God, they will keep their distance, they do not want to be like Russell Crow, have to face him, God forbid that day. They can manifest themselves, they seek bodies to do this in, usually, and work through them. Otherwise they are more ghostly than physical. Now we must go back to man, I’ve gotten off track here.”

“Darwin, yes even I heard of him. He would say I do believe, he would have said at one time, we were all amphibian; do you know when he died, he said, in so many words, and I must try to paraphrase this correctly, for it is a curious circumstance:  I never believed so many people would believe my bull!  You see, he wanted to go to heaven too, and on his deathbed he prayed to join the Heavenly Host; did he make it? That a darn good question.  Now you may think I’m joking, but this is something you don’t get in the Atheist Newsletter, they don’t tell you that the man who wrote the Devil’s Bible, sought God at the end of the road, but he did.

       “Second thought, Amphibians being before the Cretaceous Age, or dinosaur age, I don’t want to use fossil records in my extracts, or look at them sediments, the record is built by scientists so erroneously, that anyone believing in them is either dysfunctional, unlearned in the area, or brainwashed, by scientists who need a job.  I don’t need one so I can tell the truth.
       “Of course fossils tell a story, a historical story, but it’s a silent testimony of a recent creation.   It doesn’t prove to be very old, quite the opposite. Also since we are on the subject, continents do not drift, or float for millions of years; that’s another science fiction tale: they are not akin to boats, they are land masses, and we are talking about 2.5-billion years ago. What a concoction.”

“Tartarus, I must stop a moment and let you know, that in Tartarus, there are many halls, and they are not marble halls, as in  Enya’s song ‘Marble Halls’, and yes I have seen in my water mirror even her; as I have expressed, demonic beings have been around a long time. I myself am a seer of some sort, and have seen far into your future, and far back into Arch devil Belphegor’s past, and his domination in the lower world.  Being from the time I have mentioned, I am not opposed to man or demon, or those who fell from the Sky, called Sumerians, whom the first king was A-lu-lim from the city of Nun ki, and who’s reign lasted 2400-years, this was in the year 248,000 B.C. Tartarus, is below Hades, it is where the Titans, were punished, they were part of the invading force in my time, those so called Watchers, two-hundred of them, who were to guard the earth from the clouds and after 10,000-years got bored, sought wives, cohabitated with the women of earth. So yes, I repeat, the domains of Hades are above Tartarus, so we are in the deepest part of the abyss.
       “As these things are taken down, and will be put on scrolls in future times, do be reminded of what I am attempting, the motif, what is it? 
       “There are what one may call the order of demon, Tagaririm. As in most everything, there is an order to everything in Tartarus also and a hierarchy, and above Tartarus, and in the halls of Tartarus.
       “To give you an idea of how a demon works, he knows certain things, and he knows black magic, and he uses it and teaches it. Arch Angel Michael and his army of angels known as Malachim, are of course opposed to this order, the Tagaririm.  If you hear such names as Vehu, or Yeli, or Hari, Aka, they rule the worlds around us.  And to understand their writings, you must read them alternately, from right to left. Enough said on this for now, we must get back to man.”

For,  myself in reading the extracts I find myself comparing man, and demon and the Hebrew Adam, and the Pre-Adamic Race with the Fallen Angels, and the Watchers, and my race, the so called, Antediluvian Race, that I’ve mentioned before could very well be the Neanderthal Race which man has chosen to nickname and even the Sumerian Race. If we deleted one or the other, it might cause irreparable loss to science, if they should ever find out the really likeness of these peoples, and can develop their culture and pedigree to a higher degree. And yet I ought not to be astonished, but they were, is what makes them salt and raw meat for the knowing, and knowledge. Oh in the long run, for the common man and woman, who wish only to live and die, and be happy in-between, well, it is more like dog-meat, of no consequence, it is nothing, but for the puzzled person like me and you, this is food for thought.

Antediluvian race. We need to stick around Noah’s ark for now, at least for a moment. We are talking about 7000-years ago, if were to venture into the 21st Century, and in my looking glass, that is the time period I am talking to, the Blind Generation, I call them. The right and wrong thinking generation. The generation that acts more like the child than the adult. The generation that seeks contentment before truth that seeks, lazier fair, and lying spirits to God’s actuality. You know God said to me once, “If you seek me you will find me,” and I did. But if you don’t love him, how can you expect me to tell you my secrets?   It is simply a spiritual principle. So many people I see in this mirror of water, in the 21st Century, are dry in spirit, they walk looking for rest and find none. Then the demon says: “I shall return to the dry house I left, where I was kicked out of,” and he returns, why? Because you are dry in spirit, and rest too much.
       “I must really get on with what I was about to say, I do get off on tangents now and then.
       “All systems of dating are in error, questionable. Such as C-14, or Carbon 14 dating. Or diagrams showing earth’s stages of development, made up by some pop-star scientist, wherever and now that it is in every school book, it is fact: it is as all these dating systems are, theoretical.  I prefer to call it, philosophical Geology.   Not so unlike Plato, or Aristotle, or  Bacon, Spinoza, Voltaire, Kant, Spencer, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, who talk about the world as evil, and Darwin as God, and the mind and brain as two elements, and creative evolution, and decadence, and the foundation of logic, and ethical problems, or the new organic, Utopia, the Odyssey of the Jews. All good stuff, and much too farfetched.
       “Now if you trek, the world you will find as I have found, dinosaur and human footprints, side by side. I have seen this myself. If the scientist are correct, how can this be? I mean to say, the scientist say, the dinosaur lived 70-million years ago, are those tracks that old? Is it really possible? Since man is only four-million years old as scientists have declared, how this can be, we are off 66-million years, a little error here. You see they contradict themselves. And when they look at the tracks, they must think up something quick to call them bogus, lest they lose their job, and God forbid that happen: no more Corvettes.
       “We walked with them in our time zone. Yes man lived with the dinosaur’s if only for a while. They were not created to live with modern man; can you image if they did? Truth be told, they’d not survive in the 21st Century’s climate, nor man’s sinful ways. Back to dinosaurs in a moment, I want to talk about Job.”

“Job. Why don’t we all know this?  You know what I mean, this knowledge I’m giving you, that sounds like common knowledge.
       “Well, it is not common knowledge.
       “Job asked the question (as I have), ‘where can wisdom be found…understanding.’ The secrets of God, truths, as I have already mentioned. You must understand most people take what the majority says is truth as truth, not because it’s truth, because the majority of times it is what they want to be truth it is what the majority wants to pretend is truth, so they don’t have to live by truth. That’s it in a nutshell. Now God says: why should I tell you the secrets of truth, and give wisdom.  Now what do you say to that: ‘Because I want truth, but don’t want to live by it, or give it to the neighbor.’ You see, you must live by it, love God for it. Pilot didn’t, that is why he lost sleep.  He asked Jesus for truth, and then before he could answer him, sought what the majority wanted, and took that for the day’s truth.

“Godzilla.  Now back to Dinosaurs. We are all a little baffled by them. They were here at one time. Then gone overnight.  Extinction, like the demon. And like the demon, not so unlike the Dinosaurs, when you don’t know, you make up a story. A legend, but nonetheless, and story, some call them fairytales. But the Dinosaur did live, as does the Demon, just not where he used to live, and the bones of the dinosaur are underneath us now. So you got to sort out fact from fiction. You see I said you, not me. In Geology or paleontology they didn’t simply die overnight, they died overnight because!
       “What might be the scientific evidence? We have their footprints, and bones, and the unscientific evidence there is a 60-million year gap here, that is made up; science fiction: the King Kong kind, or Godzilla kind.
       “The question does arise inside of me now and then, how can so many smart people be so dumb? And we have a lot of smart people in the world of the 21st Century. I have no colleagues to please so I can say this, I need not appease the public eye. Nor do I seek a job from the mighty empire of the secret scientists that are creating doomsday.  It will come, with or without me.
       “In my time dinosaurs have walked with man, in your time you have the footprints of man and dinosaurs together, this is fact. And fact number two is the: ‘erosional process,’ the footprint small or big, reptile with man, or mammoth, prove they were contemporaries. Now how did they parish. This is a guess, but better than the scientist, and I got this information from a thousand year old  friend of mine, when I was only six-hundred years old: he said ‘My grandfather’s father explained it quite well, there was an explosion near the earth, and it was a supernova, and it produced radioactivity, changed the atmospheric components. And there became an Ice Age, just before our time, 13,000 B.C.’ Now that took most of the dinosaurs, not all of them, Uncle Noah, got a few on the ark, and the rest perished in the flood, which was around 4000 B.C., or 6000-years ago, if indeed I am speaking to the year 2025 A.D., and I prefer using the acronym A.D.
       “But let me take this a little further, and put God’s word on top of the Dinosaur list, what did he say?  ‘Behomoth’ now who is Behomoth? Job knew, because he heard of them creatures.  Now Job lived about 2200 B.C., he was no Jew, nor Muslim, nor Christian, nor Buddhist, or Hindu, he was just a man out of the desert who became king of Egypt, why back when, and believed in the one God, Elohim. Now when God described this creature he hand molded and made into raw flesh, it is quite similar to the brontosaurus, the Godzilla kind, now take Godzilla apart and you get two words, ‘God,’ and ‘zilla’ a God creature.  Perhaps he was the tyrannosaurus (Rex), who’s to say, but let me say this, God said:  about this thunder lizard, that some people have described as a hippopotamus, how silly,  but here is the description, ‘He sneezes flash forth light…out of his mouth go burning torches…out of his nostrils smoke…’ can that be a hippo or rhino? God goes on to say: he eats grass like an ox. He has strong loins. And his power resides in the muscles of his belly. He bends his tail like a cedar tree. The sinews of his thighs are knit together. His bones are tubes of bronze; his limbs are like bars of iron.
       “Now, I must repeat myself: dinosaurs could or would not adapt to your environment, from what I have seen in the looking glass. Your new climate, atmospheric conditions would not allow this. Plus they were not created for modern man, to have lived in a world paralyzed by the sins of man. They were great creations. I see today so many endangered species, man will have little to nothing beyond 2025. Just the simple war in Vietnam, killed off 90% of their ecosystem, and brought to extinction so many organisms, it is uncountable.
       “Now you may not think so, but animals know God. And they know man. Have them choose and they will leave man stranded, and run to God. They are dismayed at man.  And once their spirit is lost, they die, forevermore, returning to dust.

Angelic Prison:  now, I must go a little further on this, to let you know God has taken care of those angelic beings who think they have gotten away with murder.  Think not you will not be accountable, if the angels are you are.  Well, God created what is called a hell for the angels, like for the demons, it is called ‘The Prison House for Angels,’ and they will be detained there forever, it is out in the cosmos.
       “This prison house I am talking about   is surround by a great fire, burning and flames, my best guess is a nebula, perhaps in the Black Galaxy.   Uriel, whom I have taken the second part of my name from, he being a holy angel, bound many an angel and brought him there, until the completion of ten-million years.  Now to me, that is forevermore.  I think he had a little assistance with Rufael, another holy angel. And Dr. Siluk’s arch angel, whom is writing my extracts down, Suru’el was involved with this procedure, although Mr. Siluk called him Sure’el, he got it a little mixed up, or I do.
       “Now what did these angels do: they taught man to sacrifice to demons, their subservient; we see this in Haiti even within the 21st Century. And they were responsible for the birth of 409,000 Giants, who warred and killed flesh like swatting flies. And Semyaza was accused of fornication, and Azaz’el accused for teaching man how to sin, and Amasras taught incantations and cutting of roots, these were the 200-Watchers; and among them: As’el, Armaros, Batar’el, Rame’el…and so on and so forth.”

“Sons of God, I hear this phrase, it comes out of the book of Genesis. Moses wrote it. What did he mean? Some modern day scientist say he meant those being that were between Cro-Magnon men and the Neanderthal women. But Moses didn’t know such things, they are modern names made up by science fiction scientists: so he couldn’t have meant that. Let me say it again ‘Sons of God, and daughters of men.’ What does that mean’ some have said the Godly Sethites, not sure why they’d say that, they come from the degeneration of Cain. You see how everything gets mixed up, like a bowl of crickets. My best guess is this:  angelic beings, supernatural beings, with human beings. That is what Moses was referring to, no inconsistency here. And what kind of children did they produce? Divine beings with humans would create a half breeds, and they did, some being Giants (and we have found their bones, and beds), some being half-wits, some being, like Mantic ores, because believe it or not, these supernatural beings had fornication with beasts. We must remove all the apparent obstacles here to get into the reinterpretation of Moses’ monologue: what did the early Jew and Christian writers think: ‘The Sons of God?’ this should tell some truth: in the book of Enoch, the first of two, written 200 B.C., thus handed down from millennium to millennium, the Sons of God were, and always have been, angels. The book of Jubilee, also describes the same thing, angels. In 2 Enoch, Angles.  In 2 Baruch, angels. In Genesis 6, angels even in the Qumran, the Septuagint, the Codex Alexandrinus, 4th Century A.D., all say ‘Sons of God,’ are angels. Flavius Josephus, adheres to the angel theory. Plus it is the most natural interpretation. It is also the most ancient interpretation. Why Augustine rejected the angels, interpretation, is unclear, and still is in debate is some Christian circles unresolved, and continues to surface time to time.”

“The True Serpent. I have seen just like Nostradamus has seen and just like Mother Shipton have seen visions of the past and future—so I know the reality of them: Nostradamus, his time being in the 16th Century, Mother Shipton’s  time in the 15th Century, prophetess, Nostradamus, well we’ll get to that shortly;   and I, well, you already know my time period. But I feel I must leave this part of my story in, as for to be among the extracts to be taken out; I, felt I must let the reader know, Nostradamus, predicted five hundred years ahead of time,  his true nature would be revealed, in five-hundred years, and so it has. This would make for a date between 2000 and 2005. Let me reword that phrase: a follower of the true serpent. This, his identity will come to light in the 21st Century means he hid his identity in the 16th Century, or fifteen-hundreds, thereabouts (1550 A.D.).  And he mentions “The Little Horn” and Biblically, the Little Horn is the Antichrist: he might be inferring here, the devil incarnate will come out of Malta. But what is most interesting, is he now sees his veil, uplifted, that one he so ardently, kept covered up in his own lifetime.  Like bin Laden, whom one might say was indwelled with an evil spirit, Nostradamus, admits, he is, or now being the past, ‘was’ of the nature of the Devil himself. That the true serpent is embodied within him. It would solve one mystery, he knew much about disasters forthcoming. And he knew of his own demise, and admits Satan does to, know of his demise, when it will come, and thus, between then and now, he has a lot of work to do. And I do believe, for every decade of man, Lucifer finds his so called True Serpent: such as Muammar Quddafi, Ayatollah Khomeini, Sadden Hessian, Obama, Putin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, there is no end to the list of course; we can go back to the Crusades, and Rome or Greece, or Troy, or Alexander the Great, and the days of Gilgamesh at Ur, right to Cain, and before Cain to find Satan’s Serpents.  It might also be of interest the Babylonian Talmud speaks of: those latter days between Russia and the U.S. “…when the battle of God-Magog, will come for the purpose of God and his Messiah”; Gog is Russia.
       “He predicts Egypt will meet sorrows, in Dr. Siluk’s lifespan. And Israel will lose her grip. And there will be a twenty-seven year war: Afghanistan has been going on now for 14 of those twenty-seven, and if you add the two Iraqi wars on top of that, we got 24-years total thus far. He predicts the new war on terrorism, is the beginning of Arab sorrows. He says the orient will weaken the west, and the riddle of the true serpent, is the invaders: although I think he uses that term liberally, as to refer to him and Satan and the invaders, and those like him.
       “Who are these invaders? One might say, Russia and Israel might fit the bill, or Egypt along with other Arab countries. But that is just guessing.
       “On the other hand, Mother Shipton predicts a bleak future also for mankind. This is the time for the King of Agatha, to come out of his hidden underground. And so we know, most likely, the Antichrist is now here on earth, and came in secret if one was given an uncertain date, perhaps he arrived in 1969, and in the form of Nostradamus, five-hundred years ago. He was here also in my time.  And I expect he has been in everyone’s time, just he spent a little longer time in Nostradamus’ body than normal. And when Nostradamus mentions the Little Horn, he is really saying the antichrist is here to the end, this time.”

And now my dear readers, I will to share the last extract with you, it has somewhat puzzled me, and scientist should be put on notice, that every day—they are being look upon as more idiotic, if not plane foolish, than intelligent, simply because they think we are still as ignorant today as we were yesteryear, to believe anything they say. But, no longer are the blind leading the blind.

Dark World:  and I heard in my day, of those end days, Raziel, the prophetess, say, such words that only the Devil himself can pick out the meaning: but told me later: ‘They will find themselves in the dark toilsome Wood, a place from the Creation scarce if ever any one enjoyed the benefit of a single sun-beam. Here is where two flaming fiery dragons live, appeared before the Chariot was built, and in those forth coming days the beast to be come will be lifted onto it, and with speed unimaginable convey his message through the air calling to the world, and giving signs and wonders; thenceforth attend this time.’ And then in a vision I saw the winged dragoons, persecute the earth.
       “But there is more, from the prophetess, from her own visions and for the 21st Century:  ‘…the wares will wane, and shall begin in the spring of the century, much woe to the world. Then shall women cry well-away, that ever they lived to see this day. But happy are the dead’.
       “And I myself saw this: the wolves of the world, will say, all is fine, it is a grand strategy of course, for all is not fine, they are in error, they are wrestling close to the graveyard.  And the systems of the word are deteriorating, leaders and countries devour one another up, in their leisure, as will be in Russia; and China will do likewise in Asia, in the maritime waters. The upheavals of the times will allow this new, but old politico-ideological force to emerge, over the regions of the world. The old order will cease, the modern era, will end, replaced with an era unwilling to cease, and unwilling to bend, the large powers will gobble up the little ones. Who will stop them? Dominate powers will no longer try to establish procedures and norms to secure national boarders, to protect diversity; hegemons like the Nazis or Communists systems.  The assault starts at the fall of the towers, Ukraine, China, Russia, and Iran, North Korea:  America’s dilemma. All for all, will oppose liberal pluralism. Who will spend huge amounts of their treasure to establish stability in the Middle East, to countries like Syria, no longer will the West solve all the little problems of the world. And people will die for Mother Russia, and Allah.  And the ecosystem will collapse, and then the hard power will be enforced, this is the time of the antichrist. 
       “By 2015 to 2025, the third world will disappear, and the cure for cancer will be found, and miraculous fuel discoveries are made, international terrorism will not be vanquished yet, not yet, not for a little while longer, but evangelism movements will continue: even in Libya, Iran and Syria, watch for it, Christian missionaries will come. 
       “The Dark World, those who lived in the dark in Bombay, Hanoi, Bangkok, and the Middle East, old Russia: the Christion comes.”

If Ithuriel has said anything, he has said one thing, and perhaps for some nothing, but the one thing that comes most to light for me is:   we are all part of something bigger than what we’ve imagined. We are all part of it, each and every one of us: demon, angelic beings, human beings, from Adam’s family, to prior to his family, to the 21st Century and beyond, be it: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, we have all been from the beginning something more than a pile of bones, a written story, linking us all together: this is what I get from Ithuriel’s extracts.

Now, before I leave you I would like to share some brief notes with the reader, personal notes, since Ithuriel now is out of the picture and his extracts, he has provoked some thinking within me:  since I am a Christian, what comes to mind are two biblical lines or verses and some thoughts behind them:

“The Lord knoweth them that are his.” I love this line in 2 Tim. 2:19; it kind of tells me, even though creation was long ago, and the world and mankind had to go through stages, I am in the stage God wanted me in, the end time stage, a beautiful stage. I always said, I would either have liked to been born, in Adam’s time, or the end times: and so I have.

Now for the second verse, and a much longer narration concerning my thinking on it:  “God will send a strong delusion for those who do not love the truth. That they shall believe a lie: so as they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thess 2:2-12). This brings to mind the Beatles, and in particular, Lennon, in the early 1960s. His manager if I remember right, was an antichrist, and he said in essence: I’m nothing compared to John. In other words, John and the other three Beatles, hated Christianity, even to the point saying it would dissolve itself in due time. And that they were more popular than Jesus Christ. When not in the spotlight, they were extremely rude, profane, vulgar, completely antichrist like.  Their time has come and gone, and Christianity is still here. But what a delusion all three had, it comes right out of 2 Thess, Chapter 2. This is what I’m talking about, or Paul in his epistle is talking about.  It might be worth saying also, to make things clearer: the Beatles, along with John Denver and Bob Dylan, made a pack with the Devil, a kind of popularity pack, and so they signed in blood their birthright to paradise, for Tartarus: and I’m sure John L., and John D, are having a hell of time dealing with the signature in blood at this very moment. It might be of interest, a newscaster back in the day, called Elvis, the first Rock and Roll Demon.

Now the third thing that comes to mind is this: who is the woman on top of the scarlet Beast in the book of Revelation, Chapter 17?  She is the apostate of Christendom! My best guess is this: we have several denominations in Christendom, all think they are right, all think they walk in the footsteps of the fishermen. Do they? I’ll tell you who she is not: she is not the woman that puts her heel onto the head of the snake, to crush him. Rather she is the one who corrupts the church for Satan. Let me explain: How do you know your church is the correct church? Do you take it for granted it is?  Because they say it is? Are you too lazy to find out, figure it out which one is and which one is not?  We live in a world of multi information, it shouldn’t be that hard. Again, here is my thinking: when Christ comes, he is taking away his church, those who have gone by the Gospels.  It will not be one Church, the Catholic Church, or the Baptist Church, or the Protestant Church, or the Church of Jesus Christ, per se, it will be parts of each, the best parts of each: those that loved him, knew him, and preached who he was and what he did. Do you know who Christ was, and what he did? If you don’t your church is most likely the wrong church. The Mormons, and the Jehovah Witnesses are cults, did you know that. If you say I am wrong, then prove it.  We are not so much different than those folks before the days of the flood, in that we don’t want limitations, yet we want stability, and we are ready to give God up for certainty and pleasure.

Note:  Written out in longhand, and then on the computer, between 5-4-2014, and 5-6-2014; No: 1058