Friday, May 16, 2014

Paris Rain (a poem; 2002)

Night lights swish like fish, along the river, the Seine.
While boats by the docks lean along, the river’s skirt.

The Eiffel Tower’s lit-bright tonight, for the city of love—
Pale receding moon, above, people moving like humbugs!

Upon an instrument, someone’s softly playing, and
Someone’s softly singing, in the drizzle of this rain…

The rain, rained like cats and dogs today, deep humidity—
The lamp’s light, fills our room, and across the avenue is Notre Dame.

I rest on a cold iron bed, sedate, tired, like I’m dead,
My hands are cold, rain drenched, I like Paris, but not the French!

Twilight comes early, in fall: gray days, thoughts, and gray dogs.
Rain drops on the window, makes for the city, a dull gray purple!

Written: 5-12-2014 (No: 4344)