Thursday, May 1, 2014

“A Dark Summer!”

The Bone Ghoul

There’s a moment between all this—
Where behind in the dark
The bone ghoul waits, or the oarsman waits!
Or perhaps both…
As do two sanctified seraphim’s!
Letting go of the soul, from the body
Is what it’s called…!
So it can go, to heaven or hell—
Or perhaps some other place?
But there they all wait.

Then again there is this moment when neither
Your shadow rises nor falls,
A blank, black period
Where you can neither whisper nor
Weep, yell or call!—
Nor claw your way out of this
Bubble like enclosure!

Within this moment, you are out of range
Of the living and the dead.
I do not know what to call it,
But I’ve been there! Perhaps you have.
Let’s give it a name ‘A Dark Summer!’

Death before death, or dying:
This is a place where the heart,
Mind and soul exist in, but are spent—

Unknowingly, unaware I do believe,
One is ebbing into a transformation
During this odyssey! Or just waiting!
Perhaps being weight and balance…!

I was there, but I returned.
In that bubble of death…where
You are able to look down, gaze.
You can think, but not speak.
It is like a dark summer—as if you are
Stepping out of a dream—if, and only if
You are allowed to step out, that is.

When you first find yourself in this place
It is as if someone is contemplating
(there’s a pulse somewhere, but where
you don’t know…)
Your next move, is there move
And when you do move, they already have.

Upon your return, you wonder what
Just has taken place? Some puzzlement!
But you know, you really do,
You know it wasn’t sleep or a dream:
No matter what the head doctor says!

No: 3894 (5-1-2013)