Friday, May 16, 2014

Interlude Ages

And now my dear readers, our host, Ithuriel, goes back through time, and recreates, and reiterates on the existence of man, kind of a summation by planting the interlude stages of man into the Ages:

“Interlude Ages. Let me now speak a little bit on interlude ages. There is normally a pre age, after a previous age—if that makes sense (listen closely now because if you snooze, you lose).   For example after Atlantis’ time of life (which included a few interlude ages, called Ice Ages, which brought five million hairy elephants to extinction overnight), came the Sumerian period, an interlude age sort of speaking, which was actually in progress already but would melt into the Adam and Eve Age, also referred to as the puttyroot stage, or the Hebrew Birth period, which became in essence, the Antediluvian Age, as we can see this age intertwined with Atlantis too. If we go beyond this we are at the edge of the Great Flood and the extinction of the giants, and Neanderthal age in that it was the age of the big brain, the age of long-life and the extinction of the dinosaur, and soon to write about the ancient Babylonian period, which was really a shutoff of the Sumerian period ending, and into a period where one is building pyramids, although the Sumerians had already built them, now Egypt was, and soon to be Mesoamerica would do the same. But let’s not stop here, we are headed into the period of Miracles, and prophets, and the Roman Period of conquering the world, and then an interlude comes into place again, where the world gathers itself together into independent nations, we now have medievalism, and the age of magic, spirits, and residuum of the unexplained.  This was a time man tampered with the dead, and the spirits were as plentiful as the bookworms were; man toying with the supernatural. Between that period and the beginning of the Modern Era, that perhaps being in my eyes, the middle of the 19th Century (about 1850) being the interlude period, into the turn of the 20th Century (1890s to 1899 to 1900), which now we have been brought up to the 1920s and 1940s and the full Modern Era in gear: now we shift into the 21st Century, the epitome of this era, 2014, is the period the narrator is reading these stone fragments, extracts. This is the period we do not play with psychic phenomena, for curiosity sake, in other words: blending in, or mixing the mediaeval age with the Modern Age, lest you wish to put the spirits to test, awaken the dragon sort of speaking. For during this period, the spirits have come to use also a new ticktack package of indwelling their mischief into man’s new world (these spirits go back to a period beyond Atlantis, and perhaps some from Atlanta’s time, those who are now called Demon, who once lived on earth before Atlantis, under the rulership of Lucifer, and were sent to be incarcerated within the cavities of the earth, known as the netherworld; this civilization, was your so called Pleistocene epoch, or australopithecine age: the so called beginning of the  humanoid stage, according to anthropology—where in essence it is just a period in time known by those who now remember it, in Tartarus, as the ancestral stage; Carl Sagan would call it: the stage where genes and the brain got together and created intelligence. I call it the stage where man somehow acquired a shortage of memory of where we all came from, only to create myth and legend, for the lack of knowing). Anyhow, this is the age of denying love, which is in essence sin: to obey pride, worldly things, it is a compromise. This age must love, and love well, in finding love you will find God: love the earth, the people, your neighbor, your garden, animals all things. The spirits are there, lest you call them by self-hypnotism, or hot passion, or on the planchette; if not, they may leave you alone. But if they do, it is because they know, they got you on their doom-list, by drink or drugs, and either way you are to be one of their hellhounds sooner or later. If they have you bound by Evolution, again you are ripe for Hades waters, or if you are in some ungodly cult, or some light cult like Mormonism or the Jehovah Witnesses, or alike, the devil had got you half way because then you live by what you do—works, not cleansed by the blood of Christ; like the Jew, or the Muslim or the Hindu, or the Buddhist. The other deception is having you obsessed by them, or none belief in them. Either one will do. So, Mr. Narrator, and Mr. Reader, if you are living in the 21st Century you are living in the ‘Nonsense’ phase of human existence.

No: 1061/ 5-15-2014)