Friday, May 16, 2014


It comes suddenly when it comes, a premonition, a forewarning of danger. Like a veil, a light shadow falls over you. You look for it, but you can’t find it. There’s a tightening of the throat, dryness on the tongue, the heart jumps. You get a chill, you might even sweat some, making your t-shirt cold against your flesh. In most cases you do not move, lest you run into whatever you fear. This gives you time to figure out, try to figure out, the nature of the premonition, in some cases, phenomena. You trust your instincts, or at least I do—and for me they are better than my emotions, or thinking, when it involves trusting, especially when it involves a mysterious force might be present!
       So this one evening in my bedroom I had been sitting on the edge of my bed thinking, it was half past ten O’clock, P.M. The window is right over my bed, so you get the headlights of the cars passing by, the ark lights on the sidewalks, the moon’s light from above, even when you turn off your bedroom light, you have light, streaks of light, flashes of light, and thus, I was striving to sense the imperative presence of the unseen thing that I felt was threatening me, or should I say, the thing I felt threatened by, since it never took that indomitable step; knowing all along, those who love the Lord the most, are protected by the Lord the most, and on the other hand, are more open to the aura of the hostile things of the invisible and evil world, of the unseen, those from deep down in Tartarus, —that walk the earth night and day, and in some cases I had already been made manifest by such messengers, hence, I was very adjusted  to their presence, my senses had been built up over a long period of such discoveries in the past and this evening   the atmosphere had a cold feel to it, one I was familiar with.
       Therefore, as I was saying I sat on the edge of my bed, my body sensory receptors responding to the lights sensations outside, being drawn in through the window; reflecting off the walls, and bed,  lights throughout my small bedroom, perhaps  no more than 100-square feet, total.
       The eerie or creeping feeling over me, that dominated the room, was like a dark cloud passing, a gloom as it were. Something toying, if not menacing for the purpose of just menacing, to be scary, to intimidate, was keeping me company. This smothering being seemed to swallow up all the fresh and calm air in the room, made for a death appearance, impelled for it.

       How does one confront such danger, unseen danger? I ask you the reader, think on this. I didn’t panic, my soul told me:  ‘…remain calm,’ a voice inside my soul’s mind like a third mind, told me ‘…let the unfamiliar spirit, play its game.’ Then all of a sudden a body’s backend, his rump or remnant, or rear-end, sits next to me, it takes up a third of the bed, and the bed sinks, the mattress sinks as if a giant being has sat next to me, with an indentation the size of a small trunk of a car, per near eighteen inches deep, and if I had to guess the weight of the being, it would be, surely it would be in the four-hundred bracket. It had the perimeter of large round giant boulder. I dare to look around, but I knew now the being was beside me, and most likely towered above me perhaps close to the ceiling. I made believe not to be too interested in the beings presence. I did examine the indention critically, turning the thought over and over inside my head. All the time knowing the being was looking at me, why else be there. Had the being took note of my slight feigning, who’s to say.  Had he listened intently and heard my heavy breathing, I didn’t know of course, or take serious note in. I was marveled more than scared: I mean, I wasn’t going to challenge the creature, it’s worthless to do so, in my extremity, he had the floor, figuratively speaking, it was his show I did of course realize my predicament. One might even say, I was in a trap, yet I remained quite cool and collected.
       I had learned, no need to be puffed up, or play hero stuff with the unfamiliar spirits, nor even scorn them. They live in a horrid world, doomed to everlasting banishment: why torment them more. I simply prayed out loud to the Lord, and he vanished as brief, and sudden as he had come.

       Carefully, not carelessly, and casually, I laid back in my bed, the premonition was gone, no more Goosebumps. I was now under my cool sheets, and it was for the most part, hard to get to sleep, and I suppose I must have been in a light sleeplessness, when someone, or some being touched my foot and  toes, which were outside of the sheet, and blanket, and then a voice said, softly: “Fear not, all is well!” And then I fell to sleep, after a healthy exhale, and having my body flattened out on the bed, and having thanked God for his angelic consecrated being.

No: 1045 (5-12-2014)