Thursday, July 21, 2016

Two Branches Full of Variant Petals ((Rain Will Fall) (Poem))

 Two Branches Full of
Variant Petals (Rain will Fall)

Sharla & Sheryl—7-2016

“My ways are not your ways,” says the Lord.
And I say, ‘It will rain’
forget about what you know,
and try to understand what you don’t know—
The purpose of man is to study man;
and so it can be for women!
All of course mixed with other things, present:
and past, perchance in times yet to come…!
There is that other world that other persons
live in—
The eyes become the extension of the brain—
So this poem should express: thoughts we
have not yet thought, as with my two nieces
whom have come afar to visit me!
Those thoughts, now visible bodies, with eyes
and ears, have lived through the rain.
They have become a new and unusual, exciting
volume for my life, perhaps I for theirs
Is it not true, this is the tip of the tail, for life?
Not to be disingenuous!
If not, I say: you’ve wasted your life….

#5396/21 July, 2016
Note: the author uses the title word ‘Variant’ in place of ‘corolla’.