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The Unknown Universe (The Angelic Oubliettes) Part Three

The Unknown Universe
(The Angelic Oubliettes)

Part Three


Preamble:  my first sensation, as I came out of a sleep like unconsciousness to a semi-consciousness, was one of well- imminent insufferable cold. 
It appeared to beat upon me from all sides in a freezer-like blast and to seep upon my face, limbs and whole body with the heaviness of cold iron. 
Then, before I had opened my eyes completely, I became aware of the furious light at the end of a tunnel, then drawn into blackness, or near blackens; every nerve of my being cringed from the encircling of a fabric, likened to black matter.
I was tossed into an incalculable ocean of space.
There was a throbbing in my head encouraged by the heart, and cold, and perhaps the pain of a somewhat being momentary thrust into this new environment. 
Thus, I felt then I was moving swiftly through the breath of Perdition’s cosmic oubliettes, and chambers.
When I fully opened my eyes, I was blinded with gray-darkness.
Below me was a rim of some sort, a hole, with a vast inner incandescent light.
Instinctively I put two and two together—to repeat to myself—I had been dreaming, and thus brought out of the dream, therefore, I had just come out of a wormhole into a new undistinguished area of lost time and space.

Memory came back to me—fully now—in a tumbling torment of images, and with it, growing wonder and alarm, I was now living what I had been envisioning within my dreams.
An angelic being had taken me out of my reverie world, into a real excursion of, a lost universe!
And I was in truth eager to hasten this investigation of sorts; this unknown universe in which I had now sojourned into for who knows how long, or for what reason.
It was mainly after this, from some amazing feat, around me was created a non-conductor for cold, liken to a bubble around me, to insulate me against temperatures that would have par-froze me. 
To my disquiet, I was trying to realize my plight, and fate, all mingled with a passing surprise, that I was being guarded.
To some degree this act showed me a certain power of calculation that I was not being taken by aliens to their fatherland, or some devilish cruelty but to witness something, something awful, doom!
However at that moment I had little time for reflection.
This universe was strange, it had a refraction to it, or I had the refraction within it, that being, a change of direction of sight, I could see behind me and in front of me, and to my sides, as if I had four eyes at one glance, in all directions.
I would learn soon, how the near blind didn’t bump into the near blind. 
But I must take you, the reader into this step by step.

The Unknown Universe

There is such a place called “Uncreated Space” or if you’d prefer, ‘A Lost Universe’… Better yet, the Unknown Universe!
It is an astronomical, exorbitant area, of matter and antimatter, that remains for the most part, stagnate—
As it was before the Big Bang, and most probable, created before the Big Bang, and the universe that Earth is surrounded by.
This astral area is without planets, stars, moons, asteroids, and atmospheres!
I’ve been there, I know, I’ve gone through its portal.
It is in essence, a parable universe, God may have used eons before the Universe Earth is in, even perchance before Earth was thought up.
Conjecture, says: it could be a place God sent his phantom like angelic apostates, renegades, and a prison sort of.
Biblically speaking, God has one out there, but just where, nobody really knows.
Or can we call these beings cosmic demons?
How about a combination of all three?
At first, I lost the sense of time, then movement, I was in a sort of automation.
And I would soon find out, to a high degree, these beings were likewise numb and dead, and yet with a relentless will that lived and drove them on.
Drove them on I believe in a fleeing anonymous terror.
By and large, I was dimly puzzled, trying to put words into the excursion.
When I visited this location—I’ll explain shortly—it was made out of gray nothingness, so it appeared, although there was a fabric like substance to it all, space-fabric, that is!
First seen from a wormhole as two dimensional, once looked through, it acquired the attribute of depth.
But once in it, the only light came from the other side of the wormhole like a portal in a ship, at midnight (that is Earth’s side).

It is cold there—in this alternate Universe—it is numbing and frigid with an unsympathetic haunting emotionlessness.
It can be sharp and painful, and once it enters into the bones, and then into the marrow of the bones, a tingling of frost-bite, an impassiveness of the senses takes place.
The inversion of gravity, had not taken place.
There was a throbbing of unnamable energies, composed of elements, the fabric of space as I mentioned before was present.
At this point, not one whisper or sound did I hear, it was all about you, once there; and in this case, all about me!

. . .

A mad, audacious inspiration came to me, what keeps one afloat from falling endlessly I tried to deduce: was it some form of antigravity?
Or was it just me, only to find out— yes, it was only me, myself kept myself from falling, and yes for me, it was that I was as light as a feather—or seemingly so, in a bubble of sorts, or enclosure of nature, it is all hard to explain.
The air tended to increase my exhilaration and quicken my respiration and pulse a tinge; perhaps a little nitric sharpness to the air.
All the same the powers of locomotion and breathing were reasonable: even if my situation was contrary all laws of physical science.
I looked for meteoric fragments in case of collision, but there were none.
By and large, my bubble was vibration-less.
The bubble had a cold scintillation of arctic ice on it, but 90% visible.
I presumed I was in what might be called absolute zero of space.
I chose not to interfere with the workings of this bubble that had a supernal softness and resilience.
I thought of the awfulness and unthinkable isolation of infinitude, of beings being left out here.
Should you have wings or the strength and capability to swim its endless matter and its antimatter restlessly and enduringly, you’d be well off here I suppose, for such was it for some of the populaces I would find out inhabited this  prisoners habitat (in due time).
Had they not had these attributes, one would sail away I suppose, whichever way, who’s to say, or forever fall, is my best guess.
And in such a case, as the latter being, you’d surely somewhere along the gridline boomerang back if there was anything to hit and create motion or reaction; and who knows in what direction you’d end up—
But I didn’t sense any friction, which produces movement.
So all the physics in this universe was upside-down, or eluded me.
Also, artificial or not gravity prevailed in effervesce I was surrounded by; nor was weightlessness present, but I felt light as a quill.
I would say, for the most part the temperatures were kept at 65 F to 70 F, not always though.

Much escaped me during my visit, I had inadvertently, trespassed into another cosmos: sucked in by the wormholes vortex as if I was in a vessel that had parted from earth into this transcendental intergalactic neighborhood, next to earth’s universe.
All within a vision-dream, rather more real than not, as if a part of my soul was separated for a long moment, and brought back or perhaps forward, into time and space, into this universe’s portal.
It was a plunge through an interspatial vacuum for me.
Perhaps it was a cairn, a monument of God’s handiwork, after the great battle in heaven, or what was left after the battle, nothing in this universe per se, nothing but a few incidentals I will anon tell you!
I’m lead to believe, God might have cut one universe into two universes; and thus, only releasing half of the universe for creation purposes, and his glory, and the other half as a dungeon!
And in doing so, kept the second half outside it boundaries for those judged as treasonous.
And then with this second half (Earth’s half) had matter and antimatter collide, to create the Big Bang that was lacking in the stagnated universe, which appeared to still be lacking!
The Lost Universe, the one that might have had something before, was for the most part semi-empty, in comparison.
And accordingly chaos created fragmentation, and like kicking a loose stone off a cliff, came the avalanche of planets and asteroids, and suns and nebulas’, on Earth’s side of the fence, which man has for eons vigorously observed, to God’s Glory!
Who’s to say?
And so, God created an enclosure around earth’s universe, —for the most part—by closing off the phantom universe that carried it as if in a bubble; likened to how he built an enclosure around Job, so Satan could not interfere.

This universe I presume was a billion-billion light years away, but with the wormhole, it was but two feet, or perhaps as thin as folding a piece of paper in half.
. . .

I watched them, the kindred phantoms, they had a profound atavistic hunger—: could they, I believe they would have devoured me like a soft worm, grub or ant or pulp for shameless greed.
As for me, it was curiosity being there, in their forbidden dungeon; a terror of darkness and mystery.
Some of these apparitions looked like semi-ophidian monsters, toothless, with large nostrils—fleeing by; legless, undescriptive physiognomy, and it would be, if I could describe them better, not far from those old grotesquery gargoyles that ornament cathedrals, such as Notre Dame, in Paris.
And one creature had but one cyclopean phosphoric eye, with a large maw.
I noticed, or superficially felt, they had developed photoreceptors to see in the dark, as one might see in the light, the evolution of night-vision, thus, adjusting to a nocturnal lifestyle; which also would help avoid one another’s collisions.
Some even looked lizard-skinned.
As they flew by me had I not been in this enclosure of sorts, surely they would have stumbled into me, and bruised me severely.
At first the suppositional reason seemed to elude me, being protected by this effervesce, but at times it got terrible frigidity:
I think my angel wanted me to feel the environment, I think his name was Surr’el, because I heard one of those lizard-skinned beings whisper to another, in telegraphic code (or Morse Code: being an old international language with universal syntactic rules) ‘…   ..-   . ..   . ..   .   –’:                    refereeing to the name and person Surr’el, the archangel I presupposed was my guardian angel, and I suppose too, indirectly referring to me, whom he was guarding.
More often than not these creatures of the night universe I was now in, when fully in form, were doppelgänger by and large, unless I was in some mesmeric spell.  
To be frank at times my naked limbs and torso were studded with goose-flesh.
But when I appeared near the light of the wormhole I warmed up.
Temperatures would in time, settle and stabilize.
One might even call this at times a frozen dream in death.
And the farther away from the wormhole I seem to drift whatever was protecting me, gain a leprous whiteness to it.
I’m sure outside it was kind of an infra-zero air, although space has no air, or atmosphere, rather its matter must have been agonizingly breathlessly cold.
This space area was like a dead crater on earth, in a mass area of nearly unspeakable and perpetual despondency of life and motion.
Life to its long time inhabitants, a hyperborean perdition.
My ebbing consciousness was hoping the protective substance around me would not break, then what, a final stiff and unbending, numbness and death.
I assume—those who lived in this darkness—their rods in their eyes were highly developed over these countless eons, as contrary to the cones.
For the rods I presupposed, they had definitely a double system.
That is to say, when a shadow is darker than the gray matter around it, it should reach the eye, consequently, it recesses the retina, which is the light-sensing structure.
In the case where gray is not light, but it is lighter than ebon dark, or near black, as the renegades ghostly spiritual substance frames were, this would be answerable.
Even angelic beings with their mystic substance are subject to natural laws, that is: special laws of God’s physics, those laws we do not know yet, likened to elements we’ve yet to categorize, because we keep finding new ones all the time.
And in this universe, the physics were all abnormal, or put another way, Quantum in theory.
Yes, the these angelic beings were in essence, higher than the human step,  but nonetheless, restraining to God’s elements, laws, and put into an  enclosure of limitations.
Should it not be so, they’d invade the wormhole and destroy the parallel universe, the one Earth resides in.

This matter and antimatter, space I was in, was like two lakes: one thick and watery, icy watery; the other ambrosial pulp, or paste like.
As I went from one to the other, my traction was altered.
. . .

If one is to contrast these two parallel universes, it would appear to me to be like an odium, an abhorrence, contrary to God’s nature, but perhaps fitting for its felons.
Possibly a place they themselves brought to ruin, and without thaumaturgy, or God’s magic was left for them to squirm in, since they made it that way, empty, hollow, and graveyard like.
It was I felt, a cenotaph to their lost triumph, in the battle for higher ground.
That comparison being, one of an appendage to God’s handy work, that shows the cosmic glory of a universe, the other a contiguous nightmare of misery and torture and agony and anguish.

For the life of me I wanted to return to the one with the fiery and fury like nebulas, suns, planets, stars, moons and asteroids.
Where mutation and interchange takes place.
The one I was now in was with a billion eyes and ears, in a near blind discoloration.
. . .

Between the gray matter and ebon shadows I beheld, so came a glimpse of thick dishevel, something, like a brush of hair touched me.
I had an overwhelming panic, limitless and without name.
Strangely, whatever was out there, could touch me, yet I was safe within this sphere—I was on untrodden shores.
But I would find out there wasn’t much out there to touch me, but those orientating beings long forgotten; those angelic, demonic, incubi and succubi souls of irredeemable loss.
Forevermore to be kept away from God’s heaven-favored purlieus’, to include Earth, and Earth’s ether.  
I held no perturbation over this new instalment of knowledge within this unknown universe, what it was, it remained.   
Then on my right elbow, a shadowy tip of a horn scraped me, rising Goosebumps under my skin.
There was as I presupposed, restless life of phantom like beings, within this lost universe.
Then I heard mutterings, to which I tried to piece them together.
The words came out in translation, as: ‘It’s a sepulcher in here...’
On and on and on I heard these shallowly whisperings, mutterings, over and over.
Another observation out of the ordinary took place, a recklessness, and chaos: two bat-black winged creatures, black as soot descended upon each other, assaulting: beating one another with panicking wings and seizing one another’s throats with their inch-long teeth and talons.
What came to mind was: that even here, dominance and control and power ruled.
As I took a second glance, they both had fearfully mangled faces, throat and bosom gory lacerations.
At third glance, one of the two demoniac assailants had fallen, and was not seen again, nor did the other encounter him again that night, as far as in noticed.
As far as the fate of the champion, he turned to look at me and went about his way, snarling and tearing at his throat.
A scene of bravo, and homicidal hate, I suppose.
And I heard Surr’el, say his name to be ‘Alastor,’ an avenging demon, who—at one time—brought forth the sins of fathers onto their children.
The devil-ridden gloom here was some epidemic plague.
How could anyone cope with this ever-growing horror!

I dare say this, with some certainty, or provocation, this universe is older than death and time.
Quarried by God before Earth’s universe (14.6 billion years ago), I do believe, making the Lost Universe, perhaps 16-billion years old.
Who’s to say?

All the phantom forms that passed me were uncourtly and unholy and without a doubt, abominable shades, once angelic renegades, or alike.
Having said this to myself at the time, I drifted into an even older section of littered parts within the universe, of: substance and bones.
Bones lingering all about; as well as skeletons, fingernails, a billion-billion, bones.
The boneyard of Perdition’s universe; a paleontologist’s haven; a charnel bone cemetery.
“What next?” I asked myself.
These bones were tumbling everywhere, every-which-way, like flying locust.

Some of the bones were covered with lattice, likened to webs and mesh, others with a growth similar to rhododendrons—
Some mandibles, thick and tall and stalwart, like those Neanderthal warriors of earth’s antiquity.
A skull came by that had antlers on its cranium, and some kind of growth in it.
Other skulls, and skull fragments passed me by, and some even orbited the skulls, like litter.

A good portion of fallen angels were I believe, sent to this cosmic prison, if this wasn’t like one, I couldn’t think of a better one.
I became nauseated, I wanted to wake up, or get out of this—whatever I was in—dream vision or, excursion of my soul to this forbidden universe—
Then suddenly all about me was a miasmal mist, a noxious atmosphere, and it was as if some hand had grabbed me out of this subdued oubliette, like the recoil of a gun, and averting  all that was and had been, was  blurred, and I found myself sitting on the side-edge of my bed.
Comparatively clear minded, although feeling somewhat tedious and half-delirious from the exertion of my journey—not to be contradictive but rather discriminating.
To me it was a gargantuan gasp with unbelieving horror.
I shook a tinge, just thinking of those oblivious finger-bones slipping by me; touched myself here and there to see if there was a trace of acromegaly, with a speculative eye; acting as an allopath.
My raiment was as it was when I went to bed, an hour before midnight, and it was three in the morning now.
I couldn’t help but feel odd, it was as if I had a renovation.
Actually those three hours seemed to have been twenty hours, I had actually remembered some of the nomenclature.
That is to say, those mutterings pieced together.

In any case, the closer I came—coming back to the wormhole—the shrouded crepuscular gloom about me slightly lightened up like meres of bluish ebon phosphorescence:
And I suppose knowing the universe beyond that wormhole, my universe, was that of a more trans-stellar Eden.
Returning out of a void beyond worlds, to a world of ozone, oxygen and nitrogen rich air, with sub-tropic temperatures; my head was saying “Goodie-goodie-gumdrops” an old phrase I can’t remember where I picked it up?
Well this was of course the end of my journey, I have no other impedimenta to throw at you, other than I simply took a trip to Hell, and made it back, and for all that, it was interesting.
Now for a quick, ‘Postscript’

Postscript:  I must say on this unprecedented journey there were miraculous discoveries and revelations to the point of dis-equilibration of mind and body.
 At length, I had the belief, long before I entered the wormhole, the theory of other dimensions may co-exist, within or near our own galactic cosmic hebetates; with perhaps different molecular structures.
And with vibrational rates of movements, rendering it more intangible for us, than for them—:  them being the inhabitants within that other dimension, and in this case in particular: within the Lost Universe, which is at present to my belief, God’s angelic prison.
Up to the point of my actual experience, it was all fantasy.
I was always wondering how to penetrate it!
How to overcome by ways and means!
In brief, I formed the belief, if one could produce enough motion, vibration, power from earth’s spin, producing atomic entities at that exact point of entry, thus, artificially it would open.
Physics out of control.
Of course this was all in the brain, not reality in the making: what one calls daydreaming, pondering.
But God can read your mind!
Yet I didn’t really take into consideration (seriously), dreams and visions to be more physical reality than reality.
Nor did I consider the supernatural listening in, whom seemingly did open the door.  
Surr’el, opened the door, how could it be another other way: like to like, something supernatural to someone that is supernatural.
I’ll never be sure why, but perhaps to show me the aping handy work of God’s, once entrusted, heavenly born, turncoats.  
One thing God wants, is the same thing most people want, loyalty.
. . .

On an ending thought (looking back), the longer I stayed in this environment, universe it was likened to me, a sunken sea, where only pieces of ruin remained of devils.
And as far as these devils within this universe were concerned, I was an errant infidel, they being, contrary to them—: the likes of a Mohammedan Islamic horde of terrorists.

Too, this whole universe palpitated like a breathing bosom (sentient organism, with a nervous system)
And with awe, I continued to survey it, mentally, and now have come to believe in time this universe, as well as Earth’s universe, should be studied as in morphology, that is, as a structure of an organism; be what may, wonders yet to be discovered.

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