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Science on a Nutshell (Notes by the Author, in writing his SF Stories)

 Science on a Nutshell
  (Notes by the Author, in writing his SF Stories)

Note 1: There are nine (9) planets in our solar system, a decade back a scientist downgraded Pluto to an asteroid because there was found in the Asteroid Belt, an asteroid larger than Pluto. Most recently, they re-measured that asteroid, it is smaller by a slight than Pluto, but having contradictions if Pluto should be reconsidered a Planet. For this reserve, Pluto is a planet, as it always has been. Thus we have nine planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Most recently, there was found a new planet, a massive one, they say in Earth’s solar system.  The Scientists call it: “The 9th Planet” as often they are, they are incorrect. In any case, I wrote the story called: “Voyage to the 10th Planet”, which is really the 9th Planet according to scientists.

Note 2: “Voyage to the 10th Planet”, the story was extracted from three other short unpublished SF vignettes: the first: “The Giant Planet: Mass” written 1-29-2016; the second, “Staler Ages” written,    “1-9-2016; and the third “Singularity” 1-26-2016.

Note 3:  ‘Singularity’:  in astrophysics is referred as to: what you end up with when a giant star is compressed to an unimaginably small point.

Note 4: General Relativity, used in many of my SF story refers to:  when objects are distorted by concerning space-time around them. Accordingly, changing the shape of the material, as in the effects of gravity.

Note 5: Gravitational Collapse:  one must switch attention to nuclear physics.

Note 6:  The 9th Planet discovered by the scientists recently, the author takes it out of Earth’s Solar system, and puts it into its own solar system, and leaves it the same size the Scientists feel it is, and calls it the 10th Planet or ‘Mass’ out of his prerogative as a SF writer.

Note 7: The author gives an example within his SF stories of the pull of gravity, which depends on the star’s mass and radius. Which is the intensity of the force that pulls everything.

Note 8: The Milky Way has a supermassive black hole, the author uses black holes to show how stars once lose their internal fuel; will become the fabric of the mass inside the black hole or a dwarf star, depending.

Note 9: the Speed of light, is 186,000-miles per second, the author uses Gravitation Waves (GW), reproduced how they can act, react, at this speed. Although he does not specify this in total.  These waves carry knowledge about the events that caused them. This is inferred within the scientists at the Louisiana Space Stations while gathering of data.  A science station the author has created.

Note 10: Gateway.  The Author uses the portal, or gateway, meaning a worm hole of sorts to gain knowledge, or entrance to far-off places (a parallel universe for example), and for its spacecraft’s to go to and from.  Space and time travel, example if one is to find a gateway, and the distance as in his stories, a trillion miles away, can be reduced to less than a foot. Example: take a 12-inch piece of paper which represents one trillion miles, fold it in half, poke a hole in it, measure it, it will be less than a centimeter, thus, you have cut your time travel 99.9%.

Note 11:  The Xenoturbella: its fish gut is empty, yet it eats, by suction, or better said, by its sucking proboscis (nose) structure. It is a deep-sea creature. It is 20-centimeters long, or about eight inches.

Note 12:  Matter and antimatter is used in the author’s SF stories, to explain the mutual reissue in the universe, it is the substance that perhaps moved the universe to evolve into stars, galaxies and life. Matter dominating antimatter, although each obeying slightly different laws of physics. Had antimatter dominated, the universe might have been quite different.  Plus, since the creation of the Universe, if one was to go backwards, or rewind time, the laws of physics might be different, since now we have a complete or growing or descending universe.  So instead of destroying one another, one gave in to the other, and its residue created the detonator to what might be the likes of an atomic explosion, and therefore came stars and whatever; or as the scientists have coined, “The Big Bang!”

Note 13: Gravity.  The author talks on galaxy within many of his SF stories in that new Galaxies are formed in a like matter, in that there is a reverse effect. Likewise, called ‘strangulation’ it is when a galaxy gets too heavy for its own good, too much stuff in it. Like a big plastic bag you get from a grocery store, and put too many potatoes in it, it will breakdown, or break open, or simply burst apart. Quick and violent, the potatoes on the floor, etc.  It is like the death of a galaxy, cut off from its strength, it stops forming stars, accumulates too much metal heavier than helium.  The average stars lifespan is four-billion years. And I suppose we can say so is the galaxy, or we can say, the live ones are four billion years younger than the dead ones

Note 14: Dark Matter, is the thing that holds everything together. It is like a web.  Within Dark Matter are hidden dimensions.

Note 15: Dark Energy:  it is the all-providing force that allows the universe to expand faster and faster.

Note 16: Cosmic Dust: the author uses the term of ‘The spacecraft bound for earth acquiring some difficulties,’ can be accounted for by cosmic dust containing elements like iron, carbon or oxygen from a previous supernova, its aftermath.  

Note 17: Black Holes: It is not uncommon for a large black hole to blast plasma into space, meaning in physics, such as: gas composed of ions, electrons, neutral particles: matter.

Note 18: ‘Eugenic’:  The author tries in one of his Science Fiction short stories, to explain the primitive man, and his primitive mind, due to his primitive culture, not race and intelligence, or ‘Eugenic’; that cultural relativism is the key. That learning can be improved by entering into habitual mental operations.

Note 19:  Demons. As in the story “The Treaded from Earth’s Underworld” demons and Angelic Renegades are in essence alien beings, either cast outs of Heaven or perhaps of an earlier stage of Earth. Their origin is of course, speculative, but not their creation. He points out there are degrees of oppression and possession, they can bring about in humans; to include sickness.  In religious circles they are considered deceiving spirits, lying spirits, homosexual, deaf and dumb spirits, they smell bad, homosexual spirits the worst. Alcoholism is a demonic allergy, yet genetic at times, if not so, then an alteration in the body takes over through saturation, and evolution creates a mutation. The secret is not to give place to a demon or devil, as specified in his writings. Carl Sagan would differ with the author’s view, and call it myth, pseudoscientific, hallucinations, as he called UFOs, misconceptions. But he’d have no answer for their appearances throughout history, nor their cultural footing going back to the beginning of time. If he is correct, then 95% of the world is wrong.

Note 20:  “The Night of Dead Ages,” in this story, it is not hard to see the forces of WWIII in play, starting in Syria, a war that has brought many nations to its land: to include the Kurdish Fighter, France, and Iran, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah a terrorist clutch, the English and Americans, and the Russians, Saudis, Qataris, the Turks, the Islamic State, and Al-Nusra front, two terrorist factions.. When it is supposed to be a civil war between the Syrian Rebels and Syria’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his regime. What has happened might be the results of the curse that Satan, who knows his time is short. Thus this story is an up to date story in that perspective, with the underworld pulling the strings.

Note 21:    ‘Worlds Beyond’ a story the author presents in a series of Science Fiction tales out of a book in progress called, ‘Quantum Space and Time,’ with a tinge of Magic Realism; and a bite out of the macabre genre…  In ‘The Hyperborean Mythos’ we find are walking a thin line within the Human Condition: indifference, pessimism, absurdum, which is similar to nihilism, which assumes there is no meaning in life, or searching for one. 

Note 22:  It might be of interest to the reader, the character Dr. Nutt in two of the stories the author presents,   the Los Andes Space Center, in the high Andes of Peru,   to which there is such a place.  As mentioned in “The Tides of Light and Darkness.”

Note 23: Algiers (and Tangier), next to Morocco, is a city in Algeria, and similar to Tangiers. Off the Mediterranean Sea. The old city is called Deys, and like Tangier, there is a steep hill behind the modern town. On the hill top, in Tangier, is the Kasbah, also spelled with a Kasbah the author visited it in 1997. Today the city is about 3.5 million population. There is a church called Notre Dam d’Afirque, built in 1872 that overlooks the sea, about 400-feet above the City.  The Strait of Gibraltar, as is the Rock of Gibraltar directly across from Tangier, the author went to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, as well as Tangier, in 1997. As might be predicted within his two stories.

Note 24:  The author used a form of Bacteria, Cyanobacteria, including the Synechocystis species used in a university study, to bring out alien life form. Normally they live in water where they get their energy from photosynthesis.  In essence they are bugs. Single-cell bugs, with tentacles.  The author uses ice bugs for his story in “World off its Axis” which is in the same direction of water. And in truth, in ancient ice, such as blue ice, ice bugs are a reality.  The author just combines it all into one bowl.  These bugs are like tiny eyes, and just recently has the scientist put two and two together, after a hundred years of research in the bug department, they go towards light as they shy away from light, depending.

Note 25:  Gravitational Waves.  In many of the author’s stories he uses GW’s or Gravitational Waves to come to his rescue in solving his plot within the story.   Gravity is consequence of a distortion, in outer space objects will be attracted to warped space, or that distortion.   If gravity is changed suddenly in any area of the universe, let us say by an exploding star, waves of gravitational energy are created in the form of ripples across the Universe at the speed of light, now we got stretching and squeezing space as they travel. We cannot see into black space, back to a time when perhaps light was not available, until after the Big Bang,  If this is the case, than GW’s will carry the information of whatever event took place last, it is  the Universe talking to us via, GW’s, for the GW carries the last moment of its event that created it. We are in quantum theories, but now more real than a model.

Note 26:   Neanderthal Genetics: in around four of Dr. Siluk’s stories, such as “McGee’s Black Eden,” and “The Hidden Scrolls of Mars” and “the Sempiternal World” and “Voyage of the 10th Planet” we see the author uses the hypothesis of Homo sapiens breeding with Neanderthals. Hyper-coagulation, or blood clots, was perhaps good for those ancient Neanderthals to heal their wounds quicker, but nowadays, it causes stroke and heart attacks, as the author knows quite well, from his hospitalization.  On the other hand, their DNA, retained, an ancient code, perhaps even for a greater cause for addictions, which again the author has genetic variations of. One to four percent of Europeans have their genomes, or Neanderthal DNA. The ‘Ancient life code’ some of the traits include increased tendency toward immune issues, heart attack and blood disorders.  It can be linked to depression as well, or its ailments. As mentioned in other notes and stories by the author, it has its opposite side as well as its unique side.

Note 27:   Comets: although the author does not speak much on comets, and up to this note only two stories, “The Treaded from Earths Underworld,” and “The Ahesor Comet Report”  is a comet mentioned, it may be noteworthy to mention, comets have their own orbit, as indicated by the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany, where Dr. Siluk was stationed in the early to mid-1970s, and when they get farther away into darker space, away from earth’s sun, they  plunge into  temperatures below  —180 C;     and regenerate when their orbit is closer to the sun. Most recently ‘Philae’ landed on a comet, the first photos every on the surface of a comet were sent back to Ground Control (reference to Comet 67P). Thus as Dr. Siluk continues his Cosmic Adventures, landing on Asteroids and Mining them has become reality for the future as likewise, comets are becoming reality for the 21st Century, that Jules Verne foresaw, a hundred years ago.

Note 28:  “Land of the Forbidding,” the author brings out animal possession by demonic forces within this SF story, this is not as absurd as the reader may think, Jesus sent demonic focus out of one person, and into swine. And as one travels the world, we see in many countries, as in Java, or Cambodia, and alike, animal heads on the old stone statues, as in Hindu likewise, depicting the  gods of old, and we see the Manta core, with a lion’s body and a humans head, and the Greek legend on Crete, with the  Minotaur. The author has been in the Artic, and is from Minnesota, so the storyline is rather homespun.

Note 29:   “The Dark Book of Islam”   (or, ‘The Dark Scrolls of Islam’) the author has no will to slam Islam, or Muslims, but he feels the truth always has a side effect to the reader, he sees it as it possible could have been. Like the black hole, that scientists have wondered about for 100-years, as well as Gravitational Waves. We must concede historically, Islam uses the Old and New Testament, to bring credence to their book, the Qur’an. As does the Mormon Church, and the Jehovah Witness.  If I were a lawyer, I’d say on the grounds of strict legal evidence,  that the New and old Testaments are historically accurate, but the Qur’an,  is beyond a reasonable  doubt not, although  an ancient document,  one of no credence, in other words, no source evidence to prove its worth.  Coalesce with the Old and New Testaments, to legalize the Qur’an, as true history of God’s addition to the Gospels of the New Testament, using Abraham as its scapegoat, or stooge.

Note 30:   In describing any world heavier than Earth, astronomers refer to these planets as super-Earths, 55-Cancri e, is one example. Not included are the gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter. But Cancri e, circles its star, or sun, with an 18-hour year and surface temperatures above 2,000 c.  The planet is twice the size of Earth, and orbits very close to its host star. It contains hydrogen and helium in its atmosphere, but no water. It is also referred to as exoplanets.  The planet Cancri (for short) is 40 light-years away, it is also called Copernicus, and forms part of the Cancer constellation; the planet is 8-times the massive of earth. Much of this information comes from the ‘Hubble Space Telescope.’ Inconsequence, there is an abundance of carbon in the planet’s interior, earning the label of ‘The Diamond Planet’. If indeed it is carbon rich, what can we expect? On the other hand if it is affixed with hydrogen cyanide or prussic acid, who would care to live in such a poisonous atmosphere.

Note 31:   Stalagmites:  are deposits built upon over a long period of time in a cave, formed by the dripping of mineral-rich water. They can become quite large, as large as a five to six foot man, and usually have the shape of a cone, or African Anthill. These can be used, and have been used by primitive man as weapons.

Note 32: Tagaririm (implied in the story: ‘Padlock to Hell’s Door¡!’), is the order of demons of which the Arch Devil, or the Demon called Belphegor, the dominate one. The Archangel Michael and his army of sacred angels are called: ‘The Malachim’ stand firm and opposed to the Arch devils.  All signs do not refer to the zodiac, one is to seek the biblical scripture for the signs of the times. Yet the luminaries of the heavens can be signatures referring to biblical events to happen, or signs of the times.

Note 33: Carbon 14 Dating: half-life 5,780-years (radioactive)

Note 34:  Carbon Rich planet: indicates: rich with graphite, diamond, coal, limestone and petroleum, all commercial important molecules, as on earth, and perhaps of planet: 55 Cancri e (Copernicus).  Boiling point: 4,827 c.

Note 35:   Inside the Brain. When the memory goes bad, it means, the chemistry is bad! Which means, changes have occurred between nerve cells and synapses. Old news from the 1940s, and what I picked up in one of my hysiological psychology classes, —long, long ago! Nothing new. But how do we fix it?  The memory, how do we fix it? Like a dead battery we need to recharge it with another battery—figuratively speaking! Thus, strengthening nerve cells, which makes sense. In essence, neurons need to fire together—the bad and the good—and then they must live together—the bad and the good; they must wire themselves together, the bad and the good, inside the brain; or the half-bad and the good-good. But something is still missing? And until we find that something, it will always be missing— I know what it is, but I can’t name it, and neither can anyone else, yet! Molecules, the right molecules, they are the acid in the battery, figuratively speaking!

Note 36:   Gravitational Waves, their frequency is a signal, emanates from the dancing black holes, of intergalactic space! From its gravity, its horizon! And hence, crosses the compassion expanse of outer space—  Thus, the 21st Century, will pave the way for orbiting God’s  endless, colliding galaxies…!

Note 37:   If we could stretch our arm 200-million light-years beyond the Galaxy called GN-z11, which its light has taken 13.4 billion years to reach us, the outermost galaxy in space we’ve yet to discover, we would be 400-million years away from the beginning of God’s creating of the Universe. These stars within the galaxy grew out of what was at that time the cold, neutral gas that pervaded the cosmos back then. This galaxy is one-25th the size of the Milky Way. I assume in the next twenty-years we’ll be able to see 100-mllion years after the Big Bang. We are measuring time past, by the light of time that now is reaching us.

Note 38:   Diseases of today: and vaccines of today: polio, rabies, mumps, encephalitis, hepatitis B, and meningococcal.

Note 39:   The earliest evidence of humans in Ireland, go to Paleolithic period, 12,500-years ago, from the earlier claim of from the Mesolithic claim, or 10,000-years ago (reference to the  bear bone with cutting tool marks found on it reexamined  found in 1903,  and in the National Museum of Ireland since the 1920s.

Note 40:   CO2, issues for the present day.  We are now putting 40-billion tons of C02 into Earth’s atmosphere, unprecedented since the age of the dinosaurs, 66 to 56, million years ago. At which time they put 1000 parts per million by volume; as to our present, 400 million by volume. Thus, in 200-years or less, it will equal those far-off days of extinction; estimates 100-billion tons will do it.  One must look at the rate of change with the magnitude of the event to calculate. (March, 2016)

Note 41:   Ceres, is the largest  object in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, a 950 Km wide world, or a  dwarf plant (or about 900-miles wide) with no atmosphere, yet  it has bright spots  or deposits of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphates) one of the main areas known is Occator Crater. This object has been used for Siluk’s SF stories.

Note 42:   The Moon: used to spin on a different axis, 6% difference, and perhaps at one time as much as 35%, it had a gradual wobble, perhaps even having water and ice. The moon’s poles being not in their present spot, and perhaps moved by volcanic activity in the region called “The Procellarum”. This drift has allowed the moon to move into sunlight; taking place some 7-billion years ago. Consequently, the moon’s face to the earth would have been different. In the 1990s, scientists found two hydrogen-rich regions near the moon’s poles, indicating the presence of water ice.

Note 43:  The Theory of Space and Time.  Since I’ve written some in the area of Science Fiction, I figured I’d write an essay on ‘Space and Time’, old stuff for the most part.
       First of all “Relativity” which simply means theory, as does “Quantum Theories”. So when I say the Theory of Relativity I’m really saying, a theory is physics, Quantum meaning, nearly the same thing but beyond the normal gage of known physics, like Black Holes and Gravitational Waves,  and worm holes, and so forth. But the Theory of Relativity is the older way of announcing Simple or Special Relativity, by Einstein. Whereas, Quantum Theories would seem to go to Stephen Hawkins. 
       What does all this mean?  The Theory of Relativity deals with space and time. Put another way, space can bend and time can be stretched. Quantum theory, is rather unsettling, it has more of a strangeness. For instance, if a star dies, if it gets close to the rim of a black hole, the gravity around the rim will pull it into the hole, and forever be part of that black hole, and never see the light of day again, yet on another note, the black hole may explode and create a new galaxy; strange is it not! It’s the new age physics. But back to the old Theory of Relativity.
       Space and time, bends and stretches, space is measured by the speed of light, light bends when in a gravitational field, as it does Moon to Earth.  The deeper the gravitational field  the slower the clock ticks, and still at the speed of light, time does not exist, thus if you could ride that Quantum Gravitational Wave created by some big burst of some dying star, you’d  not grow a day older, in theory.
       Time, Pluto is some seven billion miles away from earth, its atmosphere is 10% of earth’s; gravity is next to nil.  One day on Pluto, is six days on Earth. So you see how space, time and gravity play a part in the life of the universe.
      What exactly is gravity?  That’s a good question. It is a force, as “Star Wars” might say.  That is the best summation. But it is more than that. When a star loses its weight, its nuclear fuel, it also will lose its gravitational force to hold it together. One might say, gravity keeps the universe in motion. Black matter, black energy, gravity, one and all. Gravity shapes space, and time, creates a reaction. An example might be, when there was nothing in space but matter and antimatter, one force  had to cause a reaction with the other lest it remain as it was, thus burst where matter dominated antimatter, created a force,  had it not there might have been mutual destruction, thus it was avoided. The detonator matter, and the after effects, its debris, is what we see now: the stars, galaxies, planets and life. So what happened?  Nature created discrimination between matter and antimatter, perhaps a decay on the part of antimatter, by 3% (dealing with mesons, electrons, positrons, etc.; a good guess!)
       And so gravity is important in both theories, for it can act like a magnet attracting (energy and power) and we must remember, space and time is not flat, it is not. But curved and distorted by mass and energy, when I say curved I mean warped like a pool table, that a person when he is playing pool will first roll a ball from end to end to see if it is curved, if so, the ball will bend to the curve, this he does not want, but the universe does. (A longer essay has been created out of this writing by author, under the same name).

Note 44: Gravitational Waves: last month, being February, 2016, the collision of two black holes were detected, can be used to create GW’s. 

Note 45:  Earth Cloaked!   Why    would our scientists want to cloak earth? I mean this is not “Star Wars,” or “Star Trek” or is it? I’m not kidding! Do they know something we don’t know? President Carter let the bean out of the bag long ago that there were extraterrestrials out there— thereafter, he was reminded he could lose his pension if he took the cat out of the hat—figuratively speaking!  He was told to shut up, it was top secret info! But just where, we don’t know, and they don’t know just where we are, yet!  They got a good idea where our sun is! How did they find that we are: somewhere, and somewhat of an intelligent life form, still hiding in this little corner of the galaxy? The same way the Kepler Telescope found over a thousand far-off planets… There is a dip in light the earth creates when it passes in front of the sun! Like you’re passing by a table lamp… Kind of like a shadow is created, this can be viewed from afar. In other words, this is a tell-tail sign in the decrease in sunlight (telling the observer, something is there) hence, other worlds would know of our existence. What would they find interesting about Earth, besides, Pizza, hamburgers, and cuy? Our atmosphere, as it has: oxygen, ozone and methane, all life encouraging elements. Can we cloak earth? Yes! At least our bio-signatures, hence, leaving to the eye of the beholder, in the far-off beyond, Earth as being a dead planet! To be honest, I think we already got a few laser signatures from the far-off, and they are on their way, trying to map the shortest route to our solar system, or star (the sun)! Lest they find, or have found, a wormhole, or ripple in time-space, and are already on the dark side of the moon, just waiting!  (A poem has been created by the author of this ‘note’, under the same name.)

Note 46: Radioactive iron-60: elements have proven to be the debris of a supernova (or multiple exploding stars in the past), buried in the sea floors across the world’s oceans.  Around Earth’s Solar System, we have a ballooning region of hot gas, 600 light-years across (one light-year being, 5.88-trillion miles X 600=?), so earth has a big stellar neighborhood or backyard. This local-bubble around our solar system per near six-trillion light-years crossways, was formed by a dozen supernovae’s exploding at once, as a result blowing up and moving clumps of stars, to wherever. But back to the iron-60 elements that have landed on earth. More recently supernovas have produced and flung their determined debris in the direction of earth—as I’ve mentioned—between 8.7, to 1.5 million years ago and the earth swept them up, as its Solar System orbited around the Milky Way. As a result, the point to be made is that: not only was the timing perfect, but an interesting coincidence occurred: this allowed earth to cool and move from the Pliocene Period (geologic time dealing with sedimentary deposits) into the Pleistocene Period (this period considered the recession of northern glaciation and the appearance of human beings).
. . .

Note 47: DNA.  Errors in our code of life, our DNA can cause disease, or mutations, such are called “superhero DNA,” meaning: where one should have a developing debilitation that someone doesn’t. Such persons are higher on the evolution line perhaps;   as used in Dr. Siluk’s short mythos, “Padlock to Hell’s Door.”

Note 48:   There are those Planets that have had (such as Mars) their own atmospheres stripped away by the host stars (or suns); these such planets in other solar systems orbit too close to their host stars and bombard by a torrent of high-energy radiation.  In essence, burn up the atmosphere. These planets outside earth’s solar system are called exoplanets. And such planets that are twice to ten times earth’s size are called ’super Earths’ as used in Dr. Siluk’s short mythos, “Padlock to Hell’s Door.”

Note 49:   The Alpha Centauri System, and orbiting like Earth plants thereof, 25-trillion miles away, which normally take 30,000-years to travel to earth if pushed by a lazar out of earth’s atmosphere, into light travel rather than wind, a spacecraft can travel it is 30-years. For the most part we are talking about a pint size spacecraft, but why not enlarge it; as enlarged in Dr. Siluk’s short mytho, “Padlock to Hell’s Door.”

Note 50:   Insects: have a very interesting biological mechanism, they have exoskeletons, called cuticles. These are skins, or their armor, they can grew thicker to build a resistant against insecticides, up to 1000-times stronger. One bed bug can survive up to a year without feeding, and a female can infest a whole building, see the mytho, “Padlock to Hell’s Door.”

Note 51:   The Moon, has phases or different faces.  It doesn’t generate any light, rather it reflects light from the sun. It has a 29.5 day cycle (an order). The moon correlates with the angular distance from the sun. As it orbits around the earth, half is illuminated by the sun. The Moon is curved with near the sun, full when opposite the sun. When we see more of the moon’s light, the angle of the moon is increased to the sun, and during its orbit around the earth, (waxing) which implies light grows. The earth spins counterclockwise (left to right), every 24-hours, the moon orbits counterclockwise, and the earth rotates around the sun counterclockwise. The fullness, or brightest part of the moon is at midnight, when the moon lies opposite side of earth from the sun.  A Blue Moon means a second full moon in the same month (or two days in row), as sometimes occurs in February.

Note 52:   Dark at Night!   It is dark at night because that is when the earth faces away from the sun, as it rotates on its axis every 24-hours (on its own spin). And space is dark matter; yet there is a paradox here, the universe is finite, or limited in space even though it is always expanding, should it be infinite as man thought, up until recently,  it would have no limits and consequently, earth’s dark side would be darker, because of the expansion of the stars.  The light you see from a star could be a million of years old, and you are seeing it for the first time.

Note 53:   Universe magnitudes. The Milky Way, galaxy, has 200-billion stars, or suns. The Universe has 100-billion Galaxies. The Universe is not infinite, it is 15-billion years old. And the Universe expands, as it grows, like filling air into a balloon.

Note 54:  Earth, it has an Electromagnetic Force: that acts between particles with electric charges, called an electromagnetic field of energy, the stronger force of gravity which appears to have an electric charge (QED), electromagnetism, where physics melts into geometry, where gravitational waves allow us to understand black holes.

Note 55:    Heat. From the story “Lair of the Venusian Worm” Professor Marge Johnson had specifically made these space suits, with her own design, and they were working well. Her idea was the universe is hot and cold, the moon cold, Venus hot, as is Mercury. Hot does not contain fluid called caloric, but rather a substance in which atoms move more quickly, in clusters. Cold atoms or molecules move more slowly. Heat moves away from cold, even in metal, example a cold spoon in hot coffee. Or a Hot body to cold, put into the equation the nature of time now. When heat exchange occurs—negligible—the future is like the past.  This can be reversed by the law of physics being infringed. Once heat occurs it changes the past. No friction equals no swing, movement goes back words, friction produces a loss of energy, slows down. Like winding up a clock. The winding produces the heat, as does the person winding it. This phenomenon distinguishes future from the past.
       The quicker moving atom (hot) collides with the cold atom, leaves some energy, this collision distributes its parts equalizing throughout the main item. In essence, a hot body can become hotter, through contact with a cold one, it is not improbable. At the roots of heat, nature is different, independent from quantum mechanics. Like a balloon, the suit is inflated, sealed, the molecules inside will slow the rapid molecules colliding with it, so says statistical physics and thermodynamics. Thus, for Dr. Johnson, she produced a suit that heat deflates when it enters the suit, like the balloon, the suit has reduced the set of properties entering it—changed them, in which interaction takes place within the change, it slows heat down, the body does not heat up, because there is not sufficient friction.

Note 56: Jupiter:   Under pressure hydrogen becomes an electrically conducing fluid.    Thus, metallic hydrogen is likely the source for the magnetic field on Jupiter. Jupiter takes 12-earth years to orbit the sun, its day is 10-hours long. Its cloud-tops contain mostly ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. Its strips are by strong east-west winds. Its Great Red Spot is a giant storm vortex twice as wide as Earth, perchance 200-years old. Jupiter is 11-times wider than earth a 300-times more massive. Jupiter is all gas.  Europa is one of Jupiter’s large moons.

Note 57: LHC (Large Hadron Collider):  produces unprecedented levels of energy and intensity. It is the largest machine in the world, beneath the French-Swiss boarders, about 75-feet. In essence it is a particle accelerator that pushes two particle beams to near the speed of light and smashes them together, to which they look at the debris, to find out if there are any new physics phenomena.  The machine has 1200 magnets arranged end to end within its 27km-long circular tunnel, near Geneva. They are trying to produce a collision with proton particles or lead ions. It has shown nothing as far as dark matter is concerned, which is 27% of the known Universe. One of the successes of this machine has given light to the famous “Higgs boson” back in 2012.  What it does best is smash two beams of proton particles together, in hopes they can confirm a new alone particle.

Note 58: Aliens: if they were to arrive on earth, it would take another 1500-years, scientists say. So whatever we are witnessing in the air, must be demonic in nature, so one is led to believe, like those angelic renegades, or fallen angels, or perhaps the aliens arrived on earth 1500-years ago.

Note 59: Creation of the Comet:  in one of Dr. Siluk’s stories, he uses the comet, to express Lucifer’s old trick of trying to duplicate what God’s creation of the stars (suns). In so doing, he creates comets, of course quite difference, in his most palatial amplitude. The point being, Whatever Christ does, Satan tries also to duplicate, as we will see in the Antichrist!

Note: Put together between, 11 April, 2016, and 7-06-2017 for SF Stories by the Author as an ‘index’ for his writing of the book: “Out of Quantum Space and Time” Copyright © 2016 by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.