Monday, July 4, 2016

Mêlée of the Watchers ((A poem of steep defiles) (R-rated!-for violence))

Mêlée of the Watchers
((A poem of steep defiles) (R-rated!-for violence))

Note: The ‘Circle of Rephaim,’ shrine built during the Chakolithic period by giants (the Nephilm), offspring of the Watchers. The author visited the site in 2010, drew the picture thereafter.  The sight is a shrine of sorts, in the Golan Heights of Israel, once belonging to Syria.

The Watcher was an amalgamation, a supernatural angelic born renegade seraph, — in part, a human resurrection, or metamorphosis; and mentally, with a mind, prevalent to satanic beast-hood.
A melting pot of all three into a misshaped dark entity, full of antipathy, dating to the Antediluvian period, that is to say, intertwined within the Chakolithic Period (4500 B.C., to 3300 B.C.), and perhaps dating as far back to the building of the Door of the God’s and Gate of the Sun (in Peru and Bolivia 17000 B.C.)  To which:
I visited ‘The Gate of the Sun,’ in 2002 A.D., with its mystic, malefic antiquity!
The Watchers, antediluvian angelic jackals in their customs: were eaters of carrion, anthrophagi—
They drank blood in lieu of water or wine.
Dreaded by all humanity at the time, these ruthless angelic beings, had at one time been sent to watch over man by God, and thus, came down from the clouds, and swept the earth with steep defilement, Mêlée
Cohabiting with earthly women! Breeding giants from their seed.
Their deep ash-light eyes, were not stirred by a puff of pity; they took from men their wives and daughters freely.
Thus humanity’s road ran downward, as if in a nocturnal nightmare.
And therefore—with a last warning, from the holy archangel, Uriel—came the Great Deluge!
Where mankind, beast and renegade cherub (with their giant offspring), leaped to and fro wolfishly from rocky slopes to save their lives, to save themselves.
Flung one and all like monkeys from tree to tree, and like panthers from high ledges, to their deaths.
Utterly man, beast and the giants, with no amnesty given by God Almighty, they were drowned one and all: with unspeakable and ferocious coughing and spitting up of water—
Not able to climb over the mounting waves as the terrestrial rains and the uplifting of subterranean waters covered the planet!
Creatures of the deep gnawing at their legs and feet, devouring them; others, those Watchers, buried like ravenous monsters as they were, under rocks and strata, and layers of earth.
And so it was, in those far-off days: in what man calls the beginnings; trapped in legend, and written on ancient scrolls, likened to three dimensional fossilized insects in amber.

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