Sunday, July 24, 2016

Eight Poems for Two Nieces

 (Poems of snapping pictures of the moment)

1)   A Day in Lima (poem)

Sharla & Sheryl—7-21—2016 (Lima)

A foggy evening is expected,
It will come…
The day is over.
The visitors have gone back home—
The girls are having a massage.

The rooster has yet to croak,
But he will…
A drizzle of rain seeps down
Throughout the air.
Lima’s a noisy city.

The girls will catch a taxi home
Rosa’s eating cabbage and carrots.
In two more days the girls
Will go back to America.

#5307/21 July, 2016 / For Sharla and Sheryl

2)  Slow Morning (Haiku)

Slow morning—with rain
July’s early noon, pale, bleak!
Forlornness, in Lima.

#5309/22 July 2016 / For Sharla and Sheryl

3)  Coffee at Mall Del Sur

Like new grass, Sharla and I smelt coffee bags today.
The spirit moving around in them: I could see into
The darkness of the bag—
Blazing up ascents with spiral motions, —the

#5310; 22 July 2016 / For Sharla and Sheryl

4)  Rain will Fall

This poem should express: thoughts we
have not yet thought, as with my two nieces
whom have come afar to visit me!
Those thoughts, now visible bodies, with eyes
and ears, have lived through the rain.
They have become a new and unusual, exciting
volume for my life, perhaps I for theirs
Is it not true, this is the tip of the tail, for life?
Not to be disingenuous!
If not, one wastes his/her life….

#5306/21 July, 2016

5)  Delicate Touches

Taking the hugs of someone you love,
You feel they are delicate touches…
Like tiny tweets of a bird singing
As in the deep valleys of one’s heart.

#5314/24 July, 2016
Note: Written 12:30 P.M. (17-hours after the two nieces left)
. . .

Notes: Written during a visit by the author’s Nieces after a ten-year gap, whereupon they came from Minnesota and Kansas (U.S.A), for nine-days to Lima, in July of 2016; ‘Delicate Touches,’ written 17-hours after the nieces had left the poet’s home.

6) The Lima Cathedral (7-18-2016)

Over my head I hear the footsteps of the girls,
They step down the last of the stairway steps,
Like sunlight between two oaks.
I lean back in my chair,
As the morning comes on, we all breathe evenly.
Their smiles can’t be sold.
Today we’ll all go—the wife and I
And they, —to the Cathedral.
Walk about, the Plaza de Arms.
I, like an old antelope, slowly…

#5315/24 July, 2016

 7) Lima Train Image (7-18-2016)

My two nieces
Are standing in the train
Amongst the crowd.

Like butterflies, backs to a corner
Hands on a rail
Voices all about.

I’m sitting
Next to a middle-aged man who’s
Sleeping (pretending).

The girls never move…

#5316/25 July, 2016

8) The Wind at Larco Mar (7-19-2016)

We, the girls, I and Rosa
Spent all day walking, talking, eating,
Waiting and guessing
At Larco Mar: gaging the wind!
To go paragliding—
Over the Pacific Ocean.

The wind was lifeless!

When the sky speaks, she suppresses,
Subjugates: makes man guess
When she’ll blowout her wind filled breasts
And she never did!

#5311/23 July, 2016/ Written 6:30 P.M.