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The Light around Peru (Chapbook)

“I like your writing… I can hear your voice as I read it.”  (Reference is made to: ‘The Galilean’)” Janet French, former B&N Employee.

 The Light around Peru    (Selected Poems))

(30th Cultural Peruvian Chapbook)
 “To Mr. Dennis Siluk, in appreciation of the editing of his book ‘The Magic of the Avelinos,’ which is very valuable poetic work and cultural contribution in Mantaro Valley, Huancayo—Peru.”  December 1st. 2006 (The Language Center, University Puruana Los Andes, gives a: ‘Recognition Award’). Mag Juana Andamayo Flores Coordinator, and Vice Rector Administration, Vidal Ing. Vidal Fernandez Sulea

Dennis L. Siluk, Dr.h.c.
   By Andean Scholar, And Poet Laureate of Huancayo & Montero Valley!  
“One of the reasons Jesus Christ,  by request of God the Father, came down to earth was to become part of our culture, for without culture we are left to figure it out on our own, like: insects, beasts of the wilderness and fowls of the air.” Dlsiluk

In English & Spanish/Illustrated (13-pomes)

Dedication to old Friends

Thirteen Poems (out of Peru)

All art drawings by the author)
Front cover Photo by Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk (2013)
Indicates in English and Spanish

Index of Poems

1)       Lamb Rib Roast in Huancayo  (…or, ‘Quiet Moments in Huancayo’)
2)      Amazon Jungle Lodge (2000 A.D.; author’s visit to the Amazon Jungles of Peru)
3) The Lima Jeweler  
4) The Patagonian Penguin  
   5)  La Leyenda Perdida de Coto Coto (A Huancayo Poema)
      6) The El Tambo Ox Foot Spider (A Huancayo Poema)
     7) Jenny’s Cat (A Lima Poem)
     8) Lima’s City Train

Poems from: “A Peruvian Journey
((Chapbook #31) (a work in progress))

      9) Burning of Cornstalks ((in the Valley of Mantaro) (2007))
      10) Keeping Read in Prison (A Poem out-of Huamancaca Prison, Huancayo, Peru)
      11) The Grapping Stones of Satipo Falls
      12) Old Dirt Roads in Huancayo
      13) A Wanka Warrior’s Legacy
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Congratulations to my dear friend, Apolinario Mita, who received the Grand Master’s Teachers Award, 2015, held at the Public Library in Lima, Peru, with family and friends; as I was his special guest.  

“I like your writing… I can hear your voice as I read it.”  (Reference is made to: ‘The Galilean’)” Janet French, former B&N Employee.  (2015)

About the Author

“Dr. Siluk is a world traveler, prolific writer (his first poetry written at the age of twelve); he is a License Counselor; has three Doctorate Degrees and has a multitude of awards for his writings, in Peru.  In addition, he has been awarded the title of Poet Laureate nine times in Peru; and in 1993, was ordained a Minister in Good Standing; he is also a decorated Vietnam War Veteran.” Rosa Peñaloza
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  The Light around Peru
Copyright © by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c. March, 2016

Cover picture of the Mantaro Valley—overview (on the way to Acostambo) taken by: Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk (2013)


This chapbook has been dedicated to the following people: two old school classmates from ‘Washington High School’ St. Paul, Minnesota (class of ‘65), who have passed on: Kathy Kirlin (68) 2015; also Gerry Walsh (68), who died December 3, 2015. Furthermore, to an old neighborhood friend, from Cayuga Street (known as: ‘Donkeyland’ in the early 1960s): Jerry Spiegelberg (76-years old), likewise in 2015. In addition, I’d like to mention in passing, my Journalist comrade, from Huancayo, Peru, who died in 2015, Juan Ruiz (a young man); besides Mike Hageman, who passed on in February of 2015, at the age of 41? May they all inherit the mercy of God, and the rightful soul’s abiding-place?

“The book: ‘The Galilean’ authored by Dr. Dennis L. Siluk…it can help us in our daily lives…. Within his poems, I found a deeper meaning, one within the history of humanity…Also, we find Christ, as the high point of the book… Along with God’s Creation being a most beautify gift given to mankind. The Galilean is the expression of the human spirit… This book is of faith, expressed in poems.” In part, from a speech by Father Enrique, given at the ICPNA, for the Presentation of the book ‘The Galilean’ October 29th, 2015

1) Lamb Rib Roast in Huancayo
         (…or, ‘Quiet Moments in Huancayo’)

Self Portrait of the Author and Jason the dog, at a quiet moment (2007);
  Waiting on a rib roast.

Noon has arrived and I’m reading a book,
Waiting on a rib-roast, being cooked in
The garden alongside, Mini’s house!
And enjoying the heat of the day!
It has come over the Andes!
Down through and around the streets
Swaying swiftly, and quietly over the asphalt,
Here in, El Tambo,  Huancayo!

Jason the old Chow-chow, he’s pacing…
Waiting, he sees the lamb roast too…!

The day shall never end I think.
After the roast I shall rise and rest
Find those quiet moments…
Talk to Papa Augusto, he pretends to understand
English a bit, he’s per near 100!
And I pretend to understand Spanish!
It’s always a great game:  
Love does all the work… talk tête-à-tête!

No: 4717/3-15-2015/reedited and revamped, 8-2015
For Jason the old Dog, now long dead, and Old Papa Augusto, who died January, 15, 2014!

2) Amazon Jungle Lodge ((2000 A.D.)(Peru))

Photo of the author at the Amazon Lodge, Peru, 2000 A.D. (resting)

From the jungle lodge, far-off from Iquitos
In an unpredictable boat
Hungry-eyed, inflexible looking, slow and
Leisurely moving, — unpopular Piranha Fish
Sway to and fro, in a tributary of the Amazon Rio!
They circle my boat in the dark waters—
I caught three, with prime beef on my hook;
Took them back to the Lodge, for the chef to cook:
Delicious, but too many bones, for this old Gringo!
Then, I found a hammock, and took a snooze!

#4764/ 7-14-2015 / Note: In the Year 2000 A.D., the author took several trips, one being to the Amazon Jungles of Peru, 125-miles downriver from Iquitos, deep inside the jungle foliage, where the river had many tributaries, and went Piranha fishing, among other things with his adventurous wife, Rosa

3) The Lima Jeweler
(…or, ‘The Clock Man’)

He loves the countryside, lives in a metropolis:
A jeweler, a watchman, a farmer, a father
A family man—
He’s found the path to awareness, a footpath!
His eyes sharp as a surgeons, his hand carves
The most intricate of details—
He can shape gold into threads, as thin as hair!
He’s the Lima Jeweler, the watchman, a deep-rooted amigo!

Note: For Fernando Nakamoto/8-7-2015 (#4780)

4) The Patagonian Penguin
(A Multiple Haiku)

Magdalena Island (Punta Arenas, Chile, 2010)

The Patagonian Penguin digs a hole, calls it home,
And falls to sleep with his mate.

The Patagonian Penguin gives life, by an egg—
And never looks back, when it comes of age!

The Patagonian Penguin severely grieves the
Loss of its mate, and never shows indifference.

The Patagonian Penguin wonders who we are.
From: Mars, Pluto, or some other cosmic place?

How do I know all this? I have walked among them!
Observed what you have read.

#4781/8-7-2015 / Note: The author took a trip to Patagonia in 2010, observed the Patagonian Penguins, on one of Chile’s islands, and witnessed a grieving penguin; a penguin digging a home out in hard earth for his mate, and it is well documented that the Antarctica’s penguins for survival purposes must leave their children at maturity: they have survived for 10,000-years with this tradition. 

4) The Lost Legend of Coto Coto

  (A Dramatic Poetic Prose & Narrative Poem)

A   band of Spanish soldiers
Rode below a gibbous moon
(one evening some one-hundred and fifty-years ago)
Trotted through the old Wanka Ruins in Chilca,
In the High Andes of Peru—

There came a bellowing cry, a haunting scream
As liken to a gibbous hound in pain, agonizing! 
And there lay an infant, on the damp infested ground
Tightly tucked away within the Eucalyptus Woods,
Nestled like a bird that had fallen from a tree…
Nearby the unforeseen ridge of the Mantaro Rio:
The newborn, naked as a jaybird, with clipped wings!
Alone, abandoned, forlorn! — Still bellowing!

Looking up towards the gibbous moon, wept
A soldier of no renown:
“How could anyone leave a little tot in such a way?”
The Captain huddled the child under his coat
(to keep it warm from the impending cold rains
Of the Eucalyptus Woods)—

Rode but a little ways, noticing the ridge of
The Mantaro Rio— when abruptly without
Prologue: fire spouted from the infant’s mouth
With trains of nightly rage!
This handsome child was no gift from God…
(rather some inheritance from the devil, —so he
Instantly pondered: hoping for a good death!...)

The Captain shrieked, flung the child from
His breast, into the nearby bushes, and over
The ridge, — faster than the Hounds of Hell!
Then holding his breath, he galloped senseless
Out of the woods, back through the old Wanka ruins
Of Coto Coto, with his band of men—
As with a thousand acres of thought!

Poem No: 3346 (Dramatic poetry written in dialogue and monologue, the voice of the characters created by the poet) (Poetic drama); story: 916 (Originally written: 2009). The Author questioned people of Chilca concerning this legend, and filled in the gaps.  Reedited 10-2015; dedicated to the Mayor of Chilca, Lily Unchupaico and Hernan Villagaray. By Poet Laureate of Chilca, Huancayo, the Mantaro Valley and Satipo (etc.): Dr. Dennis L. Siluk / Copyright © 2009 Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c.

6) The El Tambo Ox Foot Spider

Here is my advice if you live in El Tambo, Huancayo!
Proceed by perception, that being consciousness;
And remain in high alert; that is, in a lofty mental state!
In the house, apartment, or garden, it’s all the same!
For from awareness they have sprung, the polluted spiders
Of El Tambo, —; believe me, they have a twisting
Sphere of existence… They have heavy ox feet!
And they have Buddha to utter their stanza!


7) Jenny’s Cat (Lima)

Untroubled, sleeps Jenny’s cat, on her rooftop,
Across from ours!
Dreaming I suppose of some sleeping bird
She’d wish to sauté!
The lucent moon below the stars, alone are
Stirred, for all in Lima is still!
Thoughtful the cat at such an early hour, she
Awakes, looks far and strange
(Doesn’t see me)—
The bird, how deep in her sleep on a branch
She sways…
A tranquil moonlight gleams upon Jenny’s cat…
Now, alas, I see the bird in her lap.

No: 4962/12-17-2015

8) Lima’s City Train

The City’s train’s like a great beast!
Makes its long-drawn-out screeching
Then comes to a halt!
Its comings and goings, to and fro
Day and night… with lit-up windows!
I watch from my rooftop—
Slowly beyond the ramps, city streets
And their streaming cars…
I see its cyclopedic probing eye, its
Gruesome headlight, —as people,
Thousands of people wait to board
Push, and squeezed one another
As if they were sardines…

No: 4960/ 12-16-2015

9) Bunning of Cornstalks ((in the Valley of  Mantaro)(2007))

 Upon a summer’s familiar morn,
When nature’s face was fair!
I walked forth to view the burning of cornstalks
Near a farmer‘s fence and his meadows:
In the striking Valley of Mantaro:
And sniffed the burning air!
The sun had risen, with glorious light
That glistened, on my face—
And there in the fields, alongside their men
Wanka Woman, worked, with grace!...

No: 4869/10-21-2015 (10:00 P.M.)

10) Keeping Read in Prison   (a prison poem)
             (A Poem out-of Huamancaca Prison, Huancayo, Peru)

Dr. Siluk signing a book for one of the seven libraries
Inside the Huamancaca Prison 9/2015

I don’t know how to say it.
You think of inmates in prison
As bumblers, what else, —Why?
Why didn’t the car start?
He got on the wrong train?
She went to the wrong meetings?
Who’s to say—?

Perhaps I’m speaking lowlife,
But the ‘why’s’ are a deep open
Window: —

I visited the Huamancaca prison
Went to its seven small libraries,
It’s time now to pull up the rug.
Drag out the books, pile them high!
(See what’s going on…)
These inmates don’t want to pick apples,
Paint sheds, they want to read, and be read.

Books to them were like, lifeboats, —
Their bookcases will explain this!
They are full, so full the books are
Lying sideways, on top of one another—
Crammed in like sardines!
Bulging out of their wooden frames!

If you’re looking for a blessing…
Perhaps you could send them one—

      No: 4837/9-21-2015/ Written six and a half hours after visiting the prison

11) The Grapping Stones of Satipo Falls

Below Satipo Falls, the eyebrow of the jungle lay grappling stones—
I drag my feet and toes between the stiff stones and sand-boils, lest I fall under the falls and I’ve done that too!

The water whips my back some, Showers my shoulders, and knocks on the top of my head!  As if to say: “Trot softly”…

No: 4872 (11:00 p.m., 10/30/2015)

12)  Old Dirt Roads in Huancayo

Those old dirt roads in Huancayo—
Those that were once narrow ancient footpaths!
In a taxi each morning as I head on down
To the Plaza de Arms, I see the beginnings
Of new constructed roads, —piles of dirt:
Holes and roots from ancient trees
Stones being laid, and concrete and
Asphalt ready to be poured—; 

I say to myself, ‘Huancayo is no longer naked,
Soon she’ll be head to toe, in concrete, or asphalt.
It makes me feel like an old empty goatskin bag,
To be filled with funeral songs…; because soon
All the dirt roads, will all be gone!

No: 4866/10-19-2015 / the poem is not a elegy, yet it has a tinge of a poetic lament in it, in that one can see ‘absence’  but the poet has tired to rite it in a subjectively rich voice,  or personal voice,  to express an obvious story. 

13) A Wanka Warrior’s Legacy

To you I ascribe, Wanka Warrior—
This simple warrior’s creed:
The lowly soldier’s life, I know—
And least dramatic your mêlée!

Those strong feelings, long with shadows
I know well…
Those cunning skillful combat ways:
Those battles you have fought,
Dust to dawn, I can only guess—
Lo! A woman’s hand to touch,
A husband, perhaps a forebear:
Yet happier a warrior I believe!

Is it not so, hence I trust it true,
More contented were you:
To have died in battle, than to have
Turned to live a quiet life,
In the winters of old age…!

#4867/10-21-2015 (reedited, 12-20-2015)

Works by the author
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The Other Door ((Poems- Volume I, 1981) (750-copies, 450 to 500-signed))

Willie the Humpback Whale (poetic tale, 1982-83)
(1st printing, 100-copies—1982; second printing, 100-copies—1983; third printing
5000-copies--1983; in 2008, 1st Spanish Version, 1000-copies printed)
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The Safe Child/the Unsafe Child [1985] (for teachers, of Minnesota Schools) 200-copies printed

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Footprints to the Mantaro Valley (January 2006 & February) (two printing, 50-copies of each printing signed)
A Four Part Poem for the Inauguration of the Statue Virgin Mary, of the City of Conception (100-copies signed & printed) 10-2006
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The Magic of the Avelinos ((8/2006) (100-signed copies)) First Printing
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…the First Printing was 50-signed copies, 2006.
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The Legend of Huallallo ((2011) (booklet)) 1000-copies printed
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The Light around Peru (30th Chapbook, 1000-copies to be printed, a work in progress, 15-peoms)
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The Galilean I (24th Chapbook) 2013-February (1000-copies)
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The Galilean IV: The Gathering (27th Chapbook, 1000 copies) 25-signed and dated
The Galilean V: Focus on Christ (28th Chapbook, 1000-copies) 25 signed and dated
The Creation Account” (29th Chapbook, 1000-copies) 25-signed and dated
The Mediator (Chapbook, Religious, 32nd Chapbook of 54) 9-poems

The Poetic Macabre Chapbook Collection
Each chapbook’s printing was between 50 to 100 copies printed

Dark Dancing Spiders (Jan. 2005) 50-signed copies printed
Legend of the Great Jaguar Beasts of Teotihuacán   (Feb. 2005) 50-signed copies printed
The Lighthouse near Reykjavik (Feb. 2005) 50-signed copies printed
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The Last King of Mars (2003, never made into a chapbook) Draft
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Presently In Print
Visions, Theological, Religious and Supernatural

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Romance and/or Tragedy:

The Rape of Angelina of Glastonbury 1199 AD (2002) Novelette
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Cold Kindness (Dieburg, Germany) 2005 Novelette

Suspense, short stories, Novels and Novelettes:

Death on Demand [Seven Suspenseful Short Stories] 2003 Vol: I
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After Eve [A Prehistoric Adventure] (2004) Novel
Mantic ore: Day of the Beast ((2002) (Novelette)) Supernatural
Every Day’s Adventure ((2002)(Short Stories, etc.))

The Poetry of D.L. Siluk

General and Specific Poetry

The Other Door (Poems- Volume I, 1981)
Sirens [Poems-Volume II, 2003]
The Macabre Poems [Poems-Volume III, 2004]

Specific Poetry 

The Last Trumpet (2002; Prophecy in Posey) 400-printed; 100-signed.
Stone Heap of the Wildcat ((2010) (Israeli Poetry))
Last Autumn and Winter [Minnesota Poems, 2006]
Days ((Poetry on Grieving: 2014)
The Galilean (Christian Poetry—87-poems) 2015

Work in Progress

Sandalwood and Ivory (Eldritch Poetry—33-poems)?
Feast of the Wolfhound ((Alexandrian Epic) (?))
The Protagonist ((A Novelette) (in Non-traditional Narration; Poetic Prose))?
Stars over Germany ((2016) (22-poems))?
Willie the Humpback Whale ((32nd Anniversary Edition) (with two short stories)) 2014 (?) International Version
A Great Perhaps (Novelette)
End Osmoses (a novelette, Parts I & II)

The Peruvian Collection of Poetry 

Spell of the Andes [2005] (Poems Out of Andes of Peru)
Peruvian Poems [2005] (Poems Out of Peru)
Poetic Images Out of Peru [And Other Poems, 2006]
The Magic of the Avelinos (Poems on the Mantaro Valley, Book One; 2006)
The Road to Unishcoto (Poems on the Mantaro Valley, Book Two, 2007)
The Poetry of Stone Forest (Cerro de Pasco, 2007)
The Windmills (Poetry of: Juan Parra del Riego) 2009
The People Will Not Break ((Peru) (Poems Out of the Mantaro Valley) 2012

The Natural Writings of D.L. Siluk

Cornfield Laughter (and the unpublished collected stories…) 2009 (Vol. 1) 300 pp
Men with Torrent Women (Two Short Novelettes and Sixteen Short stories) 2009 (Vol. II) 250 pp
A Leaf and a Rose (a comprehensive library of new writings…) 2009, (Vol. III) 500 pp
The Cotton Belt ((An Episodic Novel of the Old South)(Volume IV))   2011       /616 pp

Reconocimientos Recientes
·         Poeta Laureado de Canchayllo, Provincia de Jauja, reconocido por la Municipalidad Distrital de Canchayllo.  Enero 2012 (1,774-habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado de Nueve de Julio, Provincia de Concepción, reconocido por la Municipalidad Distrital de Nueve de Julio.  Septiembre 2011 (3,500- habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado de Satipo (Selva Central de Perú), reconocido por la Municipalidad Provincial de Satipo.  Julio 2011  (21,000- habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado de Huancayo (Capital de Junín), reconocido por la Municipalidad Provincial de Huancayo. Junio 2011 (430,000- habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado de Chilca, reconocido por la Municipalidad Distrital de Chilca.  Mayo 2011 (75,000- habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado de Cerro de Pasco, reconocido por la Municipalidad Provincial de Pasco.  Noviembre 2007  (125,000- habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado del Valle del Mantaro, reconocido por el Colegio de Periodistas de Junín-Huancavelica. Agosto 2007 (1, 000,000- habitantes).
·         Poeta Laureado de San Jerónimo de Tunán, reconocido por la Municipalidad Distrital de San Jerónimo de Tunán. Enero 2006 ((y de la Gran Cruz de Oro) (10,000- habitantes)).
·         Reconocimiento de Honor como Maestro de la Locución por la Asociación de Locutores del Centro del Perú 8 de Diciembre del 2007 (Por varios meses el autor tuvo un espacio, al mediodía, en Radio Universitaria, el Momento de la Poesía, en Huancayo, Perú).
·         Municipalidad Provincial de Jauja, Primera Capital del Perú, Resolución de Alcaldía No: 535-2011-A/MPJ 19-Septiembre-2011: Reconocido como Visitante Ilustre por el poema “El Fantasma de la Laguna de Paca”. Sabino M. Mayor Morales, Alcalde.
·         El Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, fue reconocido ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ por la Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú, (UNCP) el 30 de Enero del 2012, por sus trabajos culturales, sociales y humanitarios sobre Perú.
·         Reconocimiento como “Destacado del Año” 2-Mayo-2013, por el Congreso de la República, junto con la Cámara Peruana de Emprendedores y la Corporación de Prensa Especializada SAC ((Gerente: José Arrieta S.)(también reconocido con la misma distinción el 2007, 2011, y 2012)) Ceremonia llevada a cabo en el Congreso de la República, en Lima, Perú.
·         Reconocido como Doctor Honoris Causa por el Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a los Líderes de Líderes (CIHLL) Abril 13, 2013, con su Presidenta la Dra. Gladys M. Miguel Villar (Países de Sudamérica, Central América, España, y Portugal)
·         Appreciation by Pope Francis, concerning “The Galilean” through Ltr, sent by the Nuciatura Apostolica, Lima Peru, 2013.
·         Reconocimiento al Dr. Dennis L. Siluk por la Parroquia San Daniel Comboni de Cristo Redentor (Parroquia de la Diócesis de Lurín) 29-Marzo-2014.
·         “Dr. Dennis L. Siluk…The Order of the Legion of Mariscal Caceres… because of your excellent work in 2013, and high spirit with the people of this region, Junin, decorates you… (Ceremony to be held, 4 February, 2014)” —Alejandrina Cervantes Zúñiga residenta OLMC-FZRJ   (Ltr., 22/01/2014)
·         Appointed, by the U.S. Embassy, Peru,  Dr. Dennis L. Siluk,  Warden for the City of Huancayo, Peru, 4-7-2014
·         Letter, dated, 31 October, 2014, to Doctor Dennis Lee Siluk: Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima - Officio Nº 549-14 MNL-GCSRP-SEP: ‘…special acknowledgement from the city for your valuable and important intellectual contribution that allows the central region of Peru, especially the Mantaro Valley…’ Maria Paz Ortiz de Zevallos Subgerente de Eventos y Protocolo
·         Recognition to be given by the Congress of the Republic of Peru, from “DestAcados” Magazine, to  Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, for “Promoter of the Culture of the Mantaro Valley of Peru”, 17th April, 2015”
·         “To Mr. Dennis Siluk, in appreciation of the editing of his book ‘The Magic of the Avelinos,’ which is very valuable poetic work and cultural contribution in Mantaro Valley, Huancayo—Peru.”  December 1st. 2006 (The Language Center, University Puruana Los Andes, gives a: ‘Recognition Award’). Mag Juana Andamayo Flores Coordinator, and Vice Rector Administration, Vidal Ing. Vidal Fernandez Sulea
·         Decorated Vietnam War Veteran (1971) U.S. Army (Three times decorated: Vietnam (1971); West Germany (1976); Fort Rucker, Alabama U.S.A., (1979).
·         United States Marine Corps Reserve: Awarded Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, Certificate of Appreciation: “Toys for Tots” for: “Outstanding Support” for giving 500-free books to the city’s children; January 25, 1988 (St. Paul, Minnesota)
·         1965-Art Award (St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.), 2nd Place: “Best 100 Art Show 1965” (J.C.,s)
“One of the reasons Jesus Christ,  by request of God the Father, came down to earth was to become part of our culture, for without culture we are left to figure it out on our own, like: insects, beasts of the wilderness and fowls of the sky.” Dlsiluk