Monday, December 21, 2015

Science Fiction Vignette

Fiction Vignette

By, Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.
Poet laureate


A Very Short SF Vignette

The Mummy from Huaytapallana
(White Mountain)

I am a part time, tourist-archeologist, somewhat familiar with the Inca Civilization, having lived in Peru ten-years, and visiting it five years before sporadically, in particular, being interested in the Inca predecessor, the Wari Empire, thus I have some knowledge, and presently live in the Andes.
       The Wari blood is near extinction among the people of Peru and Bolivia. Epidemics caused much of this by way of the European presence, via influenza, centuries ago.
       I was recently on an expedition outside the ancient Inca City of Huancayo (the city’s real name meaning: City of the Holy Trinity, a city 450-years old). And to my amazement came upon a mummy, unearthed by the snowy mountain called Huaytapallana, or White Mountain.
       My comrades in the expedition, had matched the DNA, which produced a mysterious lineage, suggesting anthropological characteristics of the Neanderthal, along with the Wari (perhaps dating back some 40,000-years), yet the mummy was only 700-years old.
       Being an amateur in this field, I was not sure what this meant, if indeed it meant anything at all. Knowing three percent (3%) of the human race is said to carry such DNA of the Neanderthal, and its traits; be that as it may, when they concluded a part of the genome, let’s call it the third part, once unwound, was found to be alien, meaning two things: 1) not of this earth 2) Unknown to science data; thus I knew then we were on to something.
       As weeks went by, my comrades with their connections,  again unwound another  mystery, perhaps more profound,  the mummified remains—that is, what the mummy was covered with, was red clay, or dirt, mixed with salts, hence implications suggested from that they had beyond a doubt, after the chemical identity was assured: came from Mars.
       To what end this shall lead, who’s to say!

#4923/Written: 11-22-2015 (7:55 p.m.) Huancayo, Peru (The Story: 306-words)


A Very Short SF Vignette

(The Listeners)

The explosion had taken place outside the Kuiper Belt, those being on  Pluto’s moon, called Charon, one of five, had heard it, as did  the Great Scientist Alanxdro from Earth; thus in his lab the green light went on indicating, predominantly the strange and wonderful had taken place, an opening of communication between Charon and Earth.
       Perhaps a neutron star very dense burnt–out; or the merging of black holes took place but all were guesses; yet Louisiana’s Space Center was listening as was Dr. Alanxdro was doing likewise listening in his lab.
       This happening created gravitational waves (GW), which created an opening for Dr. Alanxdro to be heard by Charon; hence, the warping of space and time took place, he conjured, what may be called an astrophysical phenomena.
       The explosion, perhaps a supernova, took place some place in the Milky Way Galaxy, he concluded, with the assistance of the Space Station.
       The GW, a ripple in the fabric of space and time, came at the speed of light (176,000-miles per second), at which time Louisiana’s Space Center, was talking and being heard by whomever was on the other side, on Charon, as was the old scientist.  It was as if there had been a tunnel created for Earth could hear the voice from Charon, or vice versa.
       It was the first time mankind had hard another voice that belonged to an alien race, some four-billion miles away.

Then after a few utterances, and static impinged, both earthling, and alien, turned the knob on their radios, they reflected on the atonal sounds each made, trying to figure out their meanings, but it was impossible to interpret them, nonetheless contact was made, and whatever created this opening, it now as closed.

Written: 11-21-2015 (4:00 a.m.) #4917 (Word count: 290)