Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Moon Widows

A Short SF Vignette

Black Moon Widows
 (The Kerberos Narrative) 2048 A.D.


Kerberos, orbits 60,000-km planet Pluto; Pluto which has five moons, and in comparison in distance, Earth being 93-million miles from the sun, Pluto, is 4-billion miles from Earth. But Kerberos is where our story leads us.  It is the most obscure of the five moons I do believe, all being nearby the Kuiper Belt. Kerberos’ largest lobe is but 8-km across and its smaller lobe being only 5-km across.
       Because of its isolation from the other moons, and its small size, asteroids being larger, this dwarf moon has a weird inhabitants—and perhaps for good reason was selected over the other four moons, and not by accident. They harbor the Black Moon Widows (spiders as large and some larger than those old iron frying pans my mother used to use when I was just a lad of ten; you could cook a whole chick in that frying pan, it weighed six-pounds, no kidding).
       The moon is so infested with them, they constantly are bumping heads, so the last report read coming from the spacecraft, Enceladus, named after Saturn’s moon for whatever reasons. So comes the information, via, to me from the Space Center in Louisiana. 

The Narrative

The moon’s light indicated to those of the spacecraft Enceladus I (Earth Time, 10,000 B.C.), that it was to a certain degree a living moon, and thus, provided an atmosphere, thin as it was, there was one. Although the moon has darkened over time, a result of chemical changes triggered by sunlight, cosmic rays, and the mass of Black Moon Widows, or spiders, those that have survived the invasion to multiply in the ten-thousand years since Enceladus I, dropped those creatures off, to its astronomical figure of one billion now, and now being the year 2048.
       Let me say, and in saying, get ahead of myself, which will do this account no harm, that the Widows, they kill their male mates, for a song and a dance, and when hungry, are a strain that contaminates wherever they are, whatever they touch, and like a hard-shelled cockroach, hard to kill, and therefore could not be allowed to remain on the far-off planet beyond Earth’s solar system by the crew members of the spacecraft Enceladus I.
       It might be of interest to the reader, this spacecraft that was being monitored by the Louisiana Space Center Enceladus II, now in the year 2048 A.D., came from what is referred to as the Dark or Black Galaxy; via, a wormhole. The planet is referred to by its acronym, SSARG, which has two moons.
       That said, it was horribly ominous for the Captain of the Enceladus II, and the spacecraft’s crew, after 10,000-years down the road to go back to that moon, like opening up a can of worms, or like opening and closing of a funeral, long forgotten, —what did they expect to find? Other than, spider corpses. I mean, we have a 10,000-year separation a huge gap in time, one thousand spiders (dropped into what they thought was an endless well, with explosives caving the walls in on the Widows) had turned into one billion in that gap of time. Interplanetary breeding, that was not the plan, but for the spiders to die, and they didn’t, perhaps one hundred escaped, and colonized the moon, by cannibalization perhaps.
       Had you asked the Captain of the spacecraft, Enceladus I, 8000 B.C.,  that this tiny moon would contain a billion spiders of this size,  he’d had said, “It’s not believable” but we must now stick with Enceladus II, and the year 2048.
       The Enceladus II, had returned as what might be called a routine trip, to investigate this tiny moon, for future possibilities. At this juncture, the spacecraft’s captain knew nothing of its inhabitants, blotted out by all nearly all light now, and only shadows reflecting of the moons higher or more pronounced geological structures, such as craters and mountains, and valleys. Hence, the dark Widows covered per near every inch of the moon, making it even darker, as if the terrain was of some dark soil, or rocky material. With the knowledge of the previous voyage, and the rock hard surface that it was, they landed. Instantly there came a clambering, on the ship outer surface, a horrible droning and hammering, it brought a chill to the crew of astronauts, deadliness overwhelmed them.
       Henceforward, the Captain seeing only the dark mass as gravel outside his porthole,  weapon in hand, life support suite on, threw open the door—and the Widows had a feast, and the spacecraft, still remains in Limbo.

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