Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keeping Read in Prison

(A Poem out-of Huamancaca Prison, Huancayo, Peru)

By Poet Laureate, Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

Dr. Siluk standing inside the gates of the prison grounds, and at one of the seven libraries inside the prison!

I don’t know how to say it.
You think of inmates in prison
As bumblers, what else?
Why, who’s to say—?
Why didn’t the car start!
We got on the wrong train?
Went to the wrong meetings?

Perhaps I’m speaking lowlife,
But the ‘why’s’ are a deep open
Window: —but satisfying.

I visited the Huamancaca prison
Went to its seven small libraries,
It’s time now to pull up the rug.
Drag out the books, pile them high!
(see what’s really happening…)

You’ll see how hungry they are for
Learning; these inmates they don’t
Want to hang apples, paint sheds,
They want to read, much is lost in
Explaining this; but when I was
There, I gave out 100-books…
They were all ready—the inmates
That is—were all ready to read them—
Johnny on the spot…!

Books to them were like, lifeboats, —
Their bookcases will explain this!
Perhaps you could send them one!

      No: 4837/9-21-2015
Written six and a half hours after visiting the prison

Special thanks to the following people: Lic. Jose Herrera, Director of the INPE, Mr. Andres Rojas, Warden of the Prison, Miss Liss, Secretary, and the staff there.