Monday, December 28, 2015

Flung from Pluto (Quantum Ripples in Time)

I live in the present as most people do here on earth if not everyone, which can be referred to as pragmatism, or logic, although I have experienced, as have my countrymen, what is theory to humans, and common practice to us: stemming from the present into the past, as well as into and perhaps the future. I am stirred for the most part by the here and now¸ what I’m accustomed to, even though I have come to realize the present and the future are well-appointed by God. Let me explain where what I am leading up to:
       Through a ripple of time, a ripple in space and time, nearly 1500-years ago, our spacecraft landed on Earth. We traveled 15.5 billion km from Earth’s sun, in a matter of hours, not at its likely occurrence of several years. It was the year 488 A.D., when we came.
       As I meditate and think back, the year now being 2015, the Picks from upper Scotland invaded Britain, as did in time the times of the Angles from Sweden and Denmark, and the Saxons from East Germany. Back then the land mass wasn’t divided as it is today, this is to my best recollection.
       Back then I still recall the limping, the hungry, the thirsty, the grim, the dusty and the sentimentality of the age, —notwithstanding, the horror of Warlike men from the North, now called Vikings in and around 790 A.D., and  then after 828 A.D., when England became  united, thus they were  much like the ISIS are today. Both Godless, swollen with the devils breathe, bands inhabiting earth, with no rules, indifferent to their fellow men, no limits, or discipline. Which leads me to my next thought:
        I am a prudent being, I’m also impetuous, and jour mission was to investigate the ripples in time and space. But as you may have already figured out I was left behind, and once left behind, there was no escaping Earth’s gravity, its several layers of atmosphere. We are a long-lived race that had come from a planet half the size of Pluto, as I say in nearly the speed of light. All the same, I have always yearned to be reunited—yet on the other hand excluded this possibility of being reunited to the underworld of our little planet, although I’ve just read a scientist has discovered V774104, this is my world, a tiny oval dwarf planet, Pluto minor, it could be called and would stand up to that name. 
       I made my way hobbling through the centuries, as if they were a descending staircase. But how this all came about was: one evening I had fallen to sleep, after having several horn-cups of sherry, when I awoke, it was a mid-summer’s nightmare. I looked around in vain for my spouting friends, I had come with. And they were glowing in a heap of fire, as if they were the fuel. In a word, those who did not escape on our spacecraft, were roasted alive, and I had but a moment before I’d be lain outstretched before those cannibalistic mongrelized primitives.
       Since then I have learned to look like humans, disguised myself somewhat. Now I am old, about to die of old age, and I shall explain one of the mysteries our race discovered, or think we have, we can put it into the basket of Quantum Theories, if not plane physics,  we learned everything that is supposed to happen in the Universe, has, it is all written, done, in the ripples of space, should you be able to scrutinize one you would be able to step back to let’s say: 790 A.D., or to the end of time. The end of time is simply a mathematical equation in light-years, which stretches from one boarder to another. If we are to stay in our time, or Earth time, then time is 2015. And in week it will be 2016. But at the end and beginning of God’s light-years, it is quite different.

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