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The Mediator (Chapbook)

Recognition given by the Congress of the Republic of Peru, from “DestAcados” Magazine, to Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, for “Promoter of the Culture of the Mantaro Valley of Peru”, 17th April, 2015“

“I like your writing… I can hear your voice as I read it.”  (Reference is made to: ‘The Galilean’)” Janet French, former B&N Employee.  2015

The Mediator
((The Son of Man) 9-Poems

By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.
Andean Scholar, and Poetic Laureate of Huancayo and the Mantaro Valley of Peru

“To Mr. Dennis Siluk, in appreciation of the editing of his book ‘The Magic of the Avelinos,’ which is very valuable poetic work and cultural contribution in Mantaro Valley, Huancayo—Peru.”  December 1st. 2006 (The Language Center, University Puruana Los Andes, gives a: ‘Recognition Award’). Mag Juana Andamayo Flores Coordinator, and Vice Rector Administration, Vidal Ing. Vidal Fernandez Sulea

In English and Spanish and Illustrated by the Author/Poet (10-poems)

The Mediator
((The Son of Man) (Part II)) 10-Poems
By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c. © 2016

The Cover

The front drawing by the author is of the Ptolemaic system, 160 A.D., according to Ptolemy’s astronomical data, in which Earth is at the center of the Universe with the sun, moon, planets and stars revolving about it in circular orbits. Ptolemy, 2nd Century Alexandrian astrometry, mathematician, geographer.  Also it was for the most part the belief system of the time Christ walked the earth. Thus the poet uses it as a symbol of the times.


Sorrows of a Non-mother!
(Abortion; in part inspired by writings of John MacArthur, Jr.)

The Master Sin!
(The Unpardonable Sin, Inspired by Jimmy Swaggert & Pope Frances)

The Mediator
((Christ) (Inspired by Pope Francis))

The Visiting Demon
(Inspired by the writings of Chinua Achebe)

The Intercessor
(Mary, Mother of God) Inspired by the theology dissention of Maria Enrique Garcia (University of Dayton)

(Inspired by Pope Frances’s speech)

The Devil’s Novel
(Inspired by writings of August Derleth)

Structure of the Soul
(Spiritual Matter; Studies of Pope Benedict XVI)

Alvard’s Poem
 (Inspired by the Analects of Confucius)


Sorrows of a Non-mother!

The sorrows of a mother
That never was—
Goes on and on!
After an abortion; it is
Liken to a plane crash
In the desert—
That holds shadows under its
Wings for a lifetime.

No: 4957 (12-14-2015) /  Notes 1:  All 23-paris of chromosomes are completed at conception, and the heart beats, then at four weeks the brain waves can be measured, and you can even see the infant’s fingerprints. / Note 2: The Early church frowned on abortion, considered it murder, Didache: 2; even for therapeutic abortion, which is not biblical, perhaps because, it was too indifferent or absurd to even consider.
Note 3: Biblical references: Psalm 11:7/139; Isaiah 8:20; Genesis 9:6 & 1:27; Luke 1:41; Ex 21; Job 10; Jeremiah 20; 1 John 3; Deut. 22; Didache: 2.
Note 4: Moses said: “Life taken,” should be “Life given” Ex. 21.
Note 5: The author/poet was a counselor for a Woman’s prison, in Minnesota in the 1990s.
Note 6: In Part some insight was gathered by the writings of John MacArthur Jr. and his Ministers: Grace Community Church (CA)

Spanish Version


Las penas de una mujer
Que nunca fue madre
¡Continúa y continúa!
Luego de un aborto;
es como un avión estrellado
En el desierto
—lleva sombras bajo sus
alas de por vida—.

No: 4957 (12-14-2015)


The Master Sin!

The scribes said to Christ:
“By the Prince of devils you cast out devils” (Mark 3)
Christ rebuked them: “How can Satan cast out Satan?”
What was he really saying—: “Look deeper, only a stronger man can bind a less strong man…!”
Thus, the scribes were on the edge of blaspheme! (Romans 1:28 – 32)

Written 11-11-2015 (No: 4908)

Notes 1: “All sins as shall be forgiven…but he that blaspheme against the Holy Spirit has no forgiveness.” (Mark 3)
Note 2: What exactly is Blaspheme?  The willful rejection of the Son of God, when all evidence is there. And the Holy Spirit the only one whom can call a soul forward is willfully rejected, at the last breath of life!
Note 3: Example:  We see in the story of ‘Ethan Brand’ how he committed himself by conversing with Satan and his demons. Embracing the devil and his fends, knowingly in place of God’s Holy Spirit, casting out mankind and his brotherhood, and he did this to the very end. For all sins can be forgiven, lest you shame the work Christ did going to the cross. Hence, there is no sin unforgivable, while you live.
Note 4: John 6: Mark 3; Isaiah 1:18; John 1:7
Note 5: Insight by Pope Francis, 2015 & Jimmy Swagggart Ministries from notes taken in 1983, and the King James Bible.


The Mediator

Who is holy?
Who is perfect?
Who can say “I’m already saved?”

Salvation is a path that Jesus inferred
One must follow:

By putting aside pride!
Rivalry too!
And compromise!
It expresses one’s faith in Christ!
It forgives from the Heart!

Note: Inspired from a lecture by Pope Francis, 12-6-2015; #4946 (12-7-2015)


The Visiting Demon

You complain the demon lives in your house—
Who brought Him there?
How did he find his way?
Lest he followed the soul most rampant…
As he usually does!
Thus, such a person should not grumble
When the demon begins to pay a visit—

A word to the wise: know the thing that beats
The drum to which the devil dances.

No: 4880 (11-6-2015)
Note: Inspired by the writings of Chinua Achebe


The Intercessor
(Mary, Mother of God)

At the wedding feast of Cana—
Jesus performed his first miracle.
The fiesta has run out of wine!
What follows?
Instructions to the servers by Mary…
What does Mary say?
First she tells the servers to do
What Jesus tells them…
Next, she reminds Jesus by saying:
“They have no wine…”
So does she have influence?
Yes, of course, and tack.
Can we call her ‘The Intercessor?’
They got the wine!

No: 4893/ 11-19-2015
Inspired by the sacred theory, inspired in part by Maria Enrique a Garcia (University of Dayton), whom used in part this theme for her dissertation.


(Inspired by Pope Frances)

The family that eats together doesn’t always speak together, at the dinner table.
Why is that?
More often than not you’ll find s/he has a cellphone in one hand, while the other hand is twanged with: numbers, symbols, and pictures!
Face down, spellbound as in a trance, nothing is said, togetherness dead!
For what?
Excess attachment to technology, the new arrival.

No: 4895/11-11-2015 / Note: Inspired by a lecture by Pope Francis 11 November, 2015 (CAN)


The Devil’s Novel

There is a spell hidden in a devilish novel, I believe!
Devil-leave-laced, like a bookworm eating away at the reader’s soul,
Lulling it to Tartarus, or some higher level in Hell’s chambers.
Thus, the devil gets his fish-hooked; entangles him like a spider to a fly
Caught in his web…
Burn the book, you’ll burn the imp out of it.

No: 4906/11-16-2015
Inspired by writings of August Derleth


Structure of the Soul
 ((”Construction of the Soul”) (Spiritual Matter))   Part II of III

Upon death the soul becomes all-cosmic;
That is, part of the overall Universe which makes it—
       in its own unopposed life and likeness— material; —thus, 
It remains in the world of matter, and history—this is the place
Where matter is formed into spirit—; it now is in the process of
       becoming (building blocks man has yet to discover).
The history within the soul will shape the matter and spirit into
       its rightful form.

#3915 (5-15-2013) / Reference to: Telhard de Cardin, Greshake studies, and Joseph Ratzinger.


Alvaro’s Poem

When a child does wrong, let him not do it over and over—
To the point he forms a desire towards it!
In the long run he will suffer… because you have let the
Harmful form.

Note: Insights in part from the Dhammapada, The Analects of Confucius, the Bible and August Derleth.