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Far Boundaries of Gravity

A Short SF Vignette

Far Boundaries of Gravity  
(Silas Caine)

The planets, move around the sun, and the sun with all its planets and moons, thereof, revolve forevermore, or so it appears on their straight and narrow orbits, as the universe pours out with care its widespread gravity, like manna. Gravity, the thing that keeps our solar system activated, our galaxy in motion.  In essence, the universe’s black energy, black matter. Should a star collapse, we know it’s an act of gravity, to a certain extent, as then a black hole is ready to be created if not already created, to swallow that dead star, whole. Yes, the hand of providence has provided a waste basket, for its surplus. Put another way, gravity shapes space and time, has energy, creates a reaction, produces a black hole, if not a wormhole that may develop into a black hole, or a black hole acting like a wormhole.
       This must be explained before we go on with the story lest we get fragmented along the way, and we lose sight of Silas Caine whom is the antagonist of the story.
       We have talked of gravity, now wormholes, and travel, then the full story, since the title is “Far Boundaries…” it should fit. What is faster than the speed of light?  Nothing, scientists say. But if you step into Quantum theories, physics, there is something perhaps! Traveling through a wormhole which I shall define shortly. To make a long theory short, a traversable wormhole, let’s say with a notion of an intra-universe connection, the wormhole being similar to a black hole, more on the order of a shortcut connecting two separate points in space and time, you know, like a tunnel, with an electromagnetic field of energy. In essence, as Einstein has inferred: a wormhole bridges, in this story, two different universes; —we’re getting into general relativity, —the wormhole might allow superluminal light speed, faster than light travel; the speed of light is  176,000-miles per second, this again is more into Quantum theories; meaning, hypothetical, unseen, unproven, not experienced, but probable.
       Now a third thought into this story before we get into the story: since we have taken care of Gravity, and now Wormholes, which we may come back to—that are much like a hole in a cylinder, and if we can stretch our imagination we can envision it being used for communication between parallel universes. A side thought, wormholes cut 50% to 99.9% percent of travel time, or put another way, a billion miles can now be measured in feet, we are on the right path to knowing how Silas Caine got to Earth in the first place, from that far-off universe.
       So the next step into the story that I haven’t yet told, is time travel, like a time machine. In wormholes, time is not the same as outside it. We are now going into Quantum effects if not general relativity: Black Holes are of course Stephen Hawking’s expertise, and we have and shall mention them time and again throughout this account. But it makes no difference, what is, and what is theory, is perhaps possible, there are many realities we know nothing about.  In this case, and a possible case indeed, and for the story, a particle case, the wormhole is a time machine, call it time dilation, or contraction. We are traveling from one universe to another, faster than the speed of light—even though the light in the wormhole will beat us to our destination, and let’s say we are carrying energy from one time to another, from one place to another, the wormhole has to adjust, or once on the other side, something has to. Now we are ten-years in the past, or perhaps 1000-years in the past, or we are from the future visiting Earth in its present, we now are looking at time warps, or twists, or time like curves. All this and a little more, concerns Silas Caine’s altercative activity!

Silas Caine

And so what we know of and what we don’t know of, moves unless balance is held back by another force, but when someone can trigger a force against another, than what? When perturbation accrues, when  a traveler or something physical, a system can be disturbed, even planets taken off their orbits, is when there is an interference; Silas Caine knew this, and used his Severity Machine, as it was referred to,  he brought from another universe to do just that: why? To see if it would work, and then return to his own universe, via wormhole, and let his countrymen on his planet know of his experiment; what for?  He wanted the Nobel Prize of that Planet, which was called, the ‘Quantum Award.’
       Two   forces fighting one another, and thus comes balance or chaos. What we don’t know God holds back from mankind as a father would hold back a grenade from a child’s hands, we’re not ready for it, and man is quite predictable, for obvious reasons, but when an outsider sneaks into your solar system, and onto your planet, predictability changes, and thus indifference takes precedence for the invader. So the question may arise: what does he know that we know, but live in pretense of not acknowledging to know? A riddle? Perhaps not.  Extra-terrestrials are out there? For good or bad, who’s to say, and what is on their agenda?
       The breakdown of gravity is power. And so it was in the year 2036, there appeared such a man by the name of Silas Caine, who had built a machine—to repeat myself, an awful machine that revised the pull from the iron core of the Earth, allowing Earth’s atmosphere to be heated, polluted, scorched, and thinned, and there it faded into the empty space between earth and its moon, like clouds.
       Where did he come from, how did he build that machine? Some say he just appeared out of nowhere, others say, he came through a wormhole from another universe, that he came from the future and brought with him, his own energy from that far-off place. And now man devoid of weight, started to become like fiends, ghosts.
       Slowly he evaporated 50% of earth’s atmosphere, its global oxygen, carbon all the emanating elements that form the timid and mysterious invisible atmosphere, that took billions of years to form around earth; consequently Earth now was in a state of loss, as was earth’s electromagnetic energy field.
       In a short period of time the oceans were lowered to the point ships could no longer navigate them, and the world powers became uneasy with one another thinking one another had some kind of conspiracy going on; and so Silas Caine, to Earth’s once thick and luscious layers of atmosphere, nearly all was cast out into the black matter of interstellar space? And no one could find, or stop Silas Caine!
       Thus came, underground sanctuaries.
       He could have controlled the world, if that was his mission, he had the power, but that was not his mission, as we all know.
       And before he departed earth, he did leave something in tack, earth’s culture. But let me back track to those latter days…
       The underground vaults of earth vomited up all it had. Billions of voices screamed, and ascended into a cosmic death. Satan’s demons had a great feast, and long laugh over all this, they didn’t even know who Silas Caine was, or where he came from, but was as if he was there Antichrist!
       Did Silas Caine want to get even with God, so the preachers and clergy summed up, when all other reasonable thought fell into a black hole? Logic would say he had no God.
       “Alas!” What now?” were the words being uttered daily in the newspapers commentaries, on the talk shows of television, on the radio programs. Was Silas Caine as they said, ‘A lunatic?’ How could they stop that machine, when they couldn’t even find it?   Then puff, he was gone, liken to the way he came, with that darn machine.

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