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The pride of: Marquis d’ Belphegor ((Arch Devil) (In Poetic Prose))

Jesus taught, in Revelation 1:18 “I am the Living one; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!”

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The pride of:
Marquis d’ Belphegor
((Arch Devil) (In Poetic Prose))

By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.
By Andean Scholar, and Poet Laureate

Marquis d’ Belphegor

The Arch Demon, Belphegor

The old demon, Marquis d’ Belphegor, placed his yellowish-green shriveled fingers upon his lip—
An oscillating lip, and with a quarter-malicious grin, “Hush!” he said, adding:
“There might be humans in the way—silence!”
The Devil Commandant had then looked over the rooms!
“You never trod on a Christian, lest by and by you’ll be bound.
“You put your foot on them as if you were stepping on velvet.
“But contrary is it for a Muslim, save you spoil them, of course this is your call!
“Do remember, Islam is already lit in fires from their Qur’an, to do vile, as each human superior commands, or changes his will within the Qur’an.
“Thus, prepare yourselves.
“I will not be here to instruct you often, so take your training seriously.”
But there was one young demon not paying attention, by the name of Sama de Diablo, and hence, the Marquis d‘ Belphegor, with a stretched-out arm,  of twenty feet, started to bat him down in the most shabby manner—
“You squander my time,” said the Commandant, who now perched himself like a giant Mosquito—in an instant metamorphoses—on the side of the library wall, as:

Giant Mosquito

The young Sama, simply strutted and swelled like a turkey-cock to and fro, humming and singing in gay tunes, throughout the bibliotheca…
His hands in his pockets, on the red flush carpet his feet danced in twirls;
Stopping now and then to arrange his hair, looking into the glass windows to see his reflection—
The commandant and his three other students watching him all the time.
Said Belphegor to his students: “ We lose souls to…” and couldn’t speak of His name, and continuing added: “because of pride and consequence, “even if it is a demonic trait, we must learn to control it, bar we end up, not “bearing fruit!
“And the Commander and Chief, Satan (also called Lucifer and the “Dragon), wouldn’t like that.”
Therefore, teasing the young joker, Sama, now half-mad and ashamed.

. . .

Demon Ringing the Bell

All Tartarus is ruled by a hierarchy, bound in dread and fear, if not in pride and indifference, all live among one another in a frightened manner, who knows at any moment, Satan the Great Dragon, could and did and would, like to make his spontaneous visits to his great dons!
For nobody above the face of Tartarus, and all of Hell’s chambers, and the dungeons therein, can say a demon has freedom: I should think not indeed!
“Where is young Sama?” inquired Satan, upon an impulsive appearance.
“All I can say,” replied Belphegor, “is he went as he came.
“And that is all about it.”
“Why so?” exclaimed Lucifer.
As the commandant fumed and fretted, then furthermore, Lucifer abruptly said, in a languisher voice:
“What makes you so imprudent, so prideful in front of me, when you are no more than a pest under my heel, and to a certain degree, a pain in the “open neck?...”
For Lucifer’s pride was above all, touchy.

(There was a long moment of silence)

Lucifer did enjoy a good laugh over it, watching the commandant as one would look at a crab, or a boiled lobster ready to hang himself.
And the Commandant, then and there swallowed his superiority, his arrogance, his overconfidence; and likewise was shamed, like Sama.

. . .

Commander and Chief of Tartarus

Now Lucifer self-satisfied with admiration by the side of himself, not out of disappointment, for he was a cat, a pacing dragon, as he was known—
But it was as if this all conferred a favor on authority, and his show of dominance to the students, that not even Belphegor, Arch Demon, a Marquis and henchman of his legions: stick his noise into the air when he was there, as if he wished to touch the clouds.
And he wanted to show, and he did show, in his uneasy manner, and by and by it would be remembered by the students, his behavioral instruction that nothing escapes Satan! Nothing, nobody!

. . .

Agaliarept, Satan’s Henchman

Lo! What did the students learn this day?
Much, that like the cat stalks a sparrow, Satan stalks his henchmen, his students, his teachers, he even adores watching them squirm; chilled to the bone over his greatness, his presence.
That the show of power and resistance with Belphegor was tantalizing, if not a conviction, Satan was nobody’s friend, confident, or cohort.
That as a leader, Satan goes off script, or can be a loose cannon, pacing and wanting to devour for the sake of boredom.
That he sees and hears from the periphery more than from the center.
That Lucifer can read a well-developed thought, and he knows mankind’s problems, and that even in Hell, and its full and complete underworld stratas, devils as well as humanity—cling to belong to someone.
And this is given through love, with care, with time, listening to others, playing the game, giving them what they need, and if that doesn’t work, like the Romans, through fear—
He used this as one uses tools, as a machinist might twist and drill and shape and polish his main piece, and places it accordingly, to fit into whatever, whenever, for whomever …
And it was so, here Lucifer, gave to the students his gratefulness; for he forgave his Marquis of his insolence, and read from the Qur’an, saying:
“These three things I had selected for Muhammad personally, and my “henchman, Agaliarept who assisted me in the charade of Gabriel the Arch Angel in writing the other books within, to insert and never forget, to call “me Iblis, which is the same as Allah; to call Christians, Nazarenes not “followers of Jesus Christ, and that these were Divine Words I told Him…;
“The last and most serious, and most literal, Jesus Christ is not the Son of “God, emphatically that it is to be considered blasphemous to the Muslim, “that Christ is no more than an apostle, only a man!
“You students will find it in Sura 43:59 of the Qur’an, feed this to everyone “who’ll listen!
“Read the Bible, the Qur’an, know verse for verse…like the Jehovah “Witness and the Mormons: be ready for attack!
“Do not slack beck or spasm!
“This is the Unpardonable sin! Tell them!”

And all the students shirked at his voice, for he hated the Messiah who had cast him out of heaven, to which he fell for nine days, airborne, headfirst to earth!
One student spoke up, had a question:
“Wasn’t there innumerable eyewitnesses, both Jesus’ friends and enemies, saw him die on the cross?”
The Chief Devil took his final glace at this young student:
“In Islam, there is no compensation for sin, neither is there in Tartarus, “remember that.
“And a sin against me will never perish, spoil or fade, keep this in mind “also, my little lamb students—
“God would have forgiven you, but I won’t!”

No: 4967/12-19-2015 7 by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c., Copyright © 12-19-2015

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Notes 1: Regrettable, Islam has terrified the world with its religious beliefs. The American School System in California recently was closed because of misunderstandings in its written language, and Muslims being very sensitive, might overreact with bombs. And Paris, being hurled into chaos because of Islam with a stream of killings on Allah’s name also in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, the list is worldwide; in the name of Muhammad, or Allah, or the Koran. Islam has a billion followers, as do the Catholics, but who is being persuaded?  Although the ISIS, doesn’t take sides, they do have their preference. Islam, founded 610 A.D., from what was the consequence of supernatural revelations received by Muhammad, whom was a peasant, turning himself into a prophet king, marrying a ten-year old who grew up to be his fancy.  From whom was this new prophet given authority?  The God of Heaven, or God of Hell? Surely the God of Heaven would not agree with what Muhammad wrote about Jesus Christ. Nor did Pope Benedict XIV, when he literately Sealed Islam as an evil empire, and dangerous religion  to the point, Muslims wanted to kill him, and publicly called for his death; if anything, proving his point, that Islam is at war with God Almighty, thus having a jihad, defending whom?  Satan, who else? God doesn’t need assistance. He is the only Pope that has spoken up—everyone else too fearful, or feeling it would cause more harm than good. Yet Benedict XVI told the bear truth of Islam, an obvious irreligious faith. Worldwide, terrorist from Islamic countries have crept into the Western World to baptize them in the spirit of Islam, who loves sin and not the sinners, whereas Christ loved the sinner, and not sin; there is a difference here.  This poem of sorts was not meant to be a mock on Islam, simply a poetic prose story that incorporated Islam.  For also it incorporates the Christian Cults of Mormonism, and the Jehovah Witnesses.

Note 2: In Sura 2:100, the Koran teaches “And for whatever verse We abrogate or cast into oblivion, We bring a better or the like of it; “here we see one verse can be changed for another. Thus, how can one know God’s will? Christians know because Jesus Christ taught, and his words are unchangeable. One need not be skeptical, as in Islam, See John 6:47. We also see in Islam, that God is not a God of love! Why this is misunderstood, is a deep question, perhaps a transcendence of Satan himself into the words of the Qur’an, and its pulp-paper.

Note: This writing was spontaneous, it occurred to me this day, and was finished in a day.