Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time Lost: In the Valley of Mantaro (A Poem)

The Andes and Mantaro Rio by Night

In the Valley of Mantaro, one can be lit up with an expression of the purest joy—
You will notice in the distance white smoke rising from cottages, ascending to the very clouds themselves… (Although times are changing)
Men plough the land, some even drawn by fine horses.
Oh, if I was young again how I would like to drive one’s own plough, till the land, — if only for a day, to feel the pull of the horses!
To climb the hills with the mutts and goats!
Look and see the blue skies, see the green shiny leaves and flora of forests, as in the 9th of July, or in the hills of Concepcion.
It makes me half inclined to weep, and I know not why?
It makes me half inclined to sing, without knowing why!
I ask myself, Must I return to the horrors of a polluted, noisy and corrupted city?
Just thinking of leaving the valley, what fresh grief comes to me?
Pray forgive me for being so blunt, it is just a fancy…
There in the valley all clouds of sadness are cleared away, they never stay, although you get pitchfork rains, with pointed tips!
For happiness does not often attend us on earth. Alas, no!
Yet one can find it in three encounters, should one look:
Peace with God, plus there is no greater happiness on earth, than to devote one’s life to their spouse, and third, to find a place, a spot of land, that is a faery dream—
As I have found all three here, by and by, in the Valley of Mantaro!
Here I believe I will certainty not die in a hospital, that idea is quite dreadful, I pray, it be not my fate!

No: 4754/ 6-23-2015 / Dedicated to Armando who has fallen in love with the Valley of Mantaro/ Copyright © by Dennis l. Siluk June, 2015. Specially written for this book.