Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Alumni, of Washington High! (’65)

Like the ring of a wind that shudders the grasses
Now transcends steps through the years that passes,
Like the rain in a passionate night
From a song birds gilded throat,
Thus comes the forgotten cry
Of flowers that fade and die,
Cheerful, some lonely, some afar,
Like intemperate stars,
Like the breeze, and the trees and the rain,
Those rings murmur things that wane,
Time: like rows of poppies, dispersed and thinned,
Or the whisper of leaves, that float in the wind,
Like the haze that fades in the soaked wet skies
Are the voices of the Alumni, of Washington High!

#4773/ 7-29-2015
A Tribute—
For Marge M.