Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Atheist and the Priest (A Poetic Tale)

An atheist saw a prayerful priest, praying in the cemetery
Over the headstone of a fellow priest—
Said the atheist, with taunt: “No goodwill, will come of that!”
Meaning his prayers, “Why waste your time?”
Said the priest, with good spirits:
“In your own house you can say as you please!”
And the Priest returned to his praying, taking no more notice of him.
The atheist dumbfounded, walked away thinking:
“What exactly did the priest mean?”
To his wife he told her of this accidental meeting
—the atheist being, a part-time custodian of the cemetery.
His wife explained, derisively:
 “You dumb-head, he told you, you were already dead!”