Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Operation Reverse: ‘Tardiness’ (1995-1997)

Marriage and in lack of a better word, indifference on the  part of one party, and not the other, how great a thorn in the side it can be is what this story is all about; such behavior can be buried in a wide-ranging arena of motives or powers! And whatever the source, or reason, and shrewdness involved, it takes a philosopher, or psychologist to figure out such a person. And still what professional ever could or will be able to show the sagacity, or sanity in such behavior as I will soon describe, is never complete! But when it is reversed, well, that’s another story. Such people don’t like those others to follow their footsteps!  They think all the knowledge of all others is lacking compared to theirs, as we may preserve in this tale, or woman vs. man in unpunctuality, called “Operation Reverse…”
       Linda S., Mr. Chick Evens’ second wife—and, to women like her, and for men like him, I shall add one concerning accomplishment for man by this man, for whom may wish to use such tactics in future time.
      Linda was a very lovely woman, whom often went out of her way to be with men, not really trying to make Chick Evens her husband jealous, but for no special reason other than wanting to feel important. She’d always had several events to go to, and came home always late, hours and hours late from the time she prescribed to her husband, and her husband was not angry, yet all the same, annoyed, or put a different way, agitated, he had things to put on hold for one reason or another. Well, as time passed she gave very poor and general reasons for her unpunctuality. Being a teacher, and having belonged to a few special groups, like six of them, and her dread being home with her two adopted spoiled children from a previous marriage, why not let her new husband babysit, one child being eleven, the other fourteen: an inexpensive babysitter.
       Often times she was cautiously courted by young and older men, she being considered attractive, and so she’d stay at these gathers longer to show her understanding with them. I don’t think things advanced so far as to say between her and them that they transformed their words into acts, but bad habits form, and drinking, over drinking, and foreplay, was common among the St. Paul, Minnesota teachers, among other  transgressions. But it might be fair to say she had some artful urges to all this recognition. And so she went about it as she wished, and felt confident her husband would put up with it. But for him this was a far distant thought.
       The passionate woman, went on in this way for two years of the three year marriage, until one day the husband took off for thirteen-hours straight with no contact. After noticing he was gone for six hours straight, she called the police. Suspect, something bad happened to him, he was never late: very accountable, and dependable, thus after eight hours, she felt her suspicions were justified. He had never done this before, and so she remained in the house, canceled all her appointments, called the morgue, hospitals, police stations, it was now an ongoing event for her, this so called ten-hour absence, perhaps a tragedy.
       At the thirteenth hour he came home. He walked inside the house, so that his wife could see him, whom was on the phone, calling her husband’s mother.
       “Where have you been!” she cried in a near hysteria.
       “Go back to what you were doing, I was at a few movies, and at the bookstore reading, nothing else. Woman you worry in vain. I have done you the honor befitting your lifestyle, but in reverse.”
       “For the love of God, don’t do that again,” she exclaimed.
       Her wits were no longer sharpened as they had been on previous occasions.
       “You shall for now on endure my absence as much as I have endured yours,” said Evens, “I shall create a new lifestyle for myself without you, as you have done with me.”
       These words had some effect on her, she dropped two clubs to satisfy her husband; actually three, and then got a second job at the Target Stores, as if she needed extra money, which she did not. This then created a loud splash, “I’m working and you’re working, why do you need another job?” Asked her husband.
       She took this as mockery, but the husband assumed, “If you must, you must!” And at the Target Store she never ceased talking to the men hitherto, using them for something, perhaps attention or gratification of some sort, she needed, who’s to say?

       You, my fair reader can now judge of his wits!
       Evidently the kids were suffocating for her, and as for him, they laid much blame on him for her being gone. In short, the kids became threatening, and the marriage needed intermediaries. Moreover, he gave her what his prognosis was called for, and what she sought: a divorce, discreetly and death to all the troubles her and her kids and her ex-husband gave him ((as the old saying goes: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, in this case, reversed) (or, with thoughtlessness one should not have to live with…)). Amen, amen!

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