Thursday, July 16, 2015

Amazon Jungle Lodge ((2000 A.D.)(Peru))

Photo of the author at the Amazon Lodge, Peru, 2000 A.D. (resting)

From the jungle lodge, 
Far-off from Iquitos
In an unpredictable boat
Hungry-eyed, inflexible looking
Slow and leisurely moving—
Unpopular Piranha Fish
Swayed to and fro,
In a tributary of the Amazon Rio!
Circled my boat in the dark waters—
I caught three, with prime beef
On my hook; took them back to
The Lodge, for the chef to cook:
Delicious, but with many bones!
Then found a hammock,
And took a snooze!

#4764/ 7-14-2015

Note: In the Year 2000 A.D., the author took several trips, one being to the Amazon Jungles of Peru, 125-miles downriver from Iquitos, deep inside the jungle foliage, where the river had many tributaries, and went Piranha fishing, among other things with his adventurous wife, Rosa