Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pluto Rising (Haiku)

Pluto looks like a bruised
Head, of a prize fighter, after
A striking scuffle!


The picture of Pluto, drawn by the author was during a three day flight of the New Horizon’s probe (having traveled from earth in 2006 to the present, 3.ll-billion miles, to now where the photographs of the planet are hitting the newspapers, starting at 4.7 million km to 12,500 km of this dwarf planet,  between: 7-11-2015,  thru 1-14-2015. The poem was written at 4:32 a.m., 7-15-2015; in other words, the poet woke up thinking of the probe, and Pluto and the Kuiper belt with fascination of its coloring, and being a boxing fan, creating an analogy to such an outcome of a great battle between two boxers, perhaps the analogy could go as far as saying man and Pluto.  The picture shows Pluto being about 2300-km wide (or about 1500-miles wide), with its small child moon by its side, Charon. Now all the official planets in our solar system have been explored, we must now go beyond the Kuipler Belt. The next question for the scientists will be I suppose: where now? The Kuipler Belt will be a  task for the probe,  with having to dodge hundreds of thousands of objects 100km or more, or as large as seventy-mile rocks flying by.  And then beyond the Kuiper Belt resides the Oort Cloud, another unknown adventure to cross.