Tuesday, December 4, 2012

White Last Moon

(The Sacrifice of Lost Youth)

Here is how it works (at least it is how it has for me): at the promising beginning, indeed, a youthful age—
       life is frankly attraction, one lives with grunts and pleasures—
Nothing repels him! Whereas, at an advance age, the very sight of such
       things, brings on closed eyes, with both hands, little need of
Stimulation; it is more a question of health—; thus, life has formed a new
       hypothesis: the man is not the man he once was.
But God does things slowly, as not to shock man’s system.

In the beginning it was the warming up stage, a white full moon, you might
       say for an analogy. Now the cooling down stage, — hence, the fleeting
Sameness of temperature—an ill-fated twist; I mean: to have had once,
       which now you no longer have; I mean, now you have a white last Moon, in other words, time is short. There is no law or form of time to
       expatiate upon this—it happens more or less on its own: Why?
Why are there two holes in the nose?

#3474 (11-25-2012)