Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Change to Madness in Huancayo

The ancient and Neanderthal like souls of those forgotten past, now called demonic beings in Sheol, or Hell, or Tartarus, all one of the same, born from the loins of those  legendary Angelic Renegades, thrown out of heaven, eons ago, who cohabited with female human flesh on earth, now cursed and damned—await for a calling. Those who have studied the Black Arts, and have indulged in them, may raise one of these shapes out of the ashes of Hell, hidden in those hot and cold vaults until the end of days—if only for curiosity sake, if not for the sole pleasure of their company. In a like manner, those ignorant of the consequences, the young and unlearned, may do likewise, in a like method, of mysterious games, such as the Wee-gee Board, where one opens themselves up to the corridors of Sheol, and those lurking spirits, to such a degree—unknowing, comes a pitifully outcome. Henceforward, the consequence of necromancy (or dark magic), once the horrors of Tartarus are released to seep up into a human shape, more often than not, a necrosis takes place, (death of tissue within that person—physically). Yet again this calling up of such a shape, a demonic-ancestor, a dweller perhaps of the earth, once upon a time, and for various reasons, ending back from whence he came from—thus, calling up by some ill-informed young adolescent, or adult, from these same chambers in Hell, he appears as if out of nowhere, and like fire to ice, melts, as if through a process of osmoses into the pours and inner being of his victim to be.

This most recent case took place, and for lack of complete information, I will try my best to fill in the gaps. A young girl, along with friends in the Andean City of Huancayo, Peru, in the fall of 2012, wherein a private school room played that insane game, the Wee-gee Board. A demon, we shall now call Tyr, a real name for a real demon in Hell, but chosen by the author, for lack of knowing his real name,  was called up in such a manner, by such a method, the other girls involved stood by in amazement and watched this oddity take place, wherein a matter of minutes—after the calling up of the demon—a general physiological as well as psychological change took over the body, brain and face and voice of the young girl, as if possessed by a much older voice, the voice of a madman. Consequently, she showed signs of mental disturbance. It is true that at a young age, one is more prone to such happenings, and such happenings are more rapid for the young and curious minded.  Thus her face took on a such and subtle cast—with contortions, which produced scratching, while she was screaming, and a queerness, jerking of the body, nothing in medical terms or experience could, or can describe this in mortal or immortal detail, nor parallel  this in medical terms, other than demonic possession. Her voice was lost within Tyr’s, so that she could not produce a sound above a whisper. And thereafter, digestion was prolonged, and minimized, as often is the case; heretofore, she had never been recorded as having any pathological, or abnormal behavior, and surely not possession. At which time she was rapidly and forcibly taken to a hospital.

In a like manner, her skin had a pale chill and dryness to it; as if the cellular structure had been invaded, stretched, and de-sanctified. Her tissue coarse and knotted as if loosely knitted. Her hips appeared disjointed, appeared I say, not necessarily so. I could see the devilish beast inside her contorted body, some bone deformation, her lips clutched at times, and thick. A mouth that when it screamed, appeared to want to devour half the face, and to a lesser degree seemingly being drawn into some dark delirium, perhaps.

This mystery is not to be wondered at, as if marvelous, but rather dreaded, and feared, for those caught in its web—in such cases as the above one—I have no doubts, the metabolism becomes retarded to a high degree, and when the demonic being is cast out of its new home—should this be the next step—for I could without a doubt see the madness within this young girl take hold, held no affinity, no similarity  to any past sort of record of hers—to my knowledge and the media’s; that is to say—(replicate): no behavior trace of such madness. The strange and grotesques form, I named: Tyr the Demon, once evicted, searches high and low for a new home, lest he be sent back to where he came from—Hell, and that of course is his dread, thus, should he not find other accommodations, so in haste, he seeks out a legion of his own kind, like to like, and once gathered, will go back to the same prey, bombard her to reenter her, to take her mental capacity away once again, and thus, she is worse off than before—consequently, a sphere of insanity increases in her, acquiring seizures—; she must, once freed, with prayer, and with  all heart and soul avoid this consequence.

If there is a lesson to be learned here, it is three fold: don’t open yourself up to such harmful happenings—you are playing with fire; second, if you do, seek out your clergy right away; third, curiosity killed the cat.

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