Monday, December 10, 2012

The Devil-masks

((Dedicated to Salman Rushdie) (a narrative poem))

He says  he owns his own words, Salman Rushdie, but changes Muhammad to
       Mohound, and, that sounds to me like satirical verse, perhaps narration at its worse, perchance nearing its truth, satanically, but recklessly. It’s
       all a devil’s mask, to tell the truth— Rushdie has his own reasons why, but my best guess it is his kind of way of telling a lopsided
       story from long ago, bringing it back to its upright position—perhaps as it should be, who’s to say, but somehow he nails it down to its heels and knees, he
       moves close to Islamic blasphemy, or could we call it the unpardonable sin?... , possibly so, if he was only a Muslim: especially with his
       polytheistic–deities, whom Muhammad tried to fix, implying what he memorized and spoke of, was a Satanic trick. But I must confess, he says it best, in his own words: twisting and changing the old facts, changing the devil-masks.

#3481 (12-5-2012)