Monday, December 10, 2012

False Outrage

(Seal of the Muslim)

The Film “Innocence of Muslims,” by M. Zuckerbergt,
       equates Islam with Violence,
And what did Islam do? It committed acts of Violence,
       killing J.C. Stevens, American diplomat, and
His entourage: point made, Mark Zuckerbergt—and
       who gets the blame?
How about: free speech, which isn’t free according to
       Islamic theology
And the culprits who did the evil dead goes free; what
       does that say about Islam?
Evil begets evil? Perhaps Islam inspires evil or
       atrocious acts: and instead of giving an elegy
They would rather have an apology: an old satanic trick,
       oil the squeaky wheel—thus, evil triumphed…
Over good. Perhaps it is better to let them live under
        ‘dominate force’ (that is to say: whoever dominates
Them, controls them, will triumph over them, it is how
       it has always been).
Forget democracy, because freedom of speech, with
       them, will never be—free.
It is either that, or retreat. America must learn, not all
       humanity, yearns for liberation!
Nor is it our duty to advance it, nor can we command it.
What next will the Muslim do? The Devil knows and he’s not
Let the wise man study the Middle East, hope he learns,
       they have an aversion to freedom:
Especially America’s version or definition…

#3433 (9-25-2012)