Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Era of Darkness

He was more than the sons, and grandsons, and great grand sons
       of his time, Humanity’s time—
He was among the bearded-breed, yes, but there was a difference
       with him, a difference that his predecessors did not have over him,
—that being, he had not done any harm to anyone.
So His link with human kind was hope, hope for a civilized
       humanity; thus, his species would reap the benefits he’d leave behind.
His decedents, mostly all dead, those who had perpetuated the
       earth before him, would lose their old genetic link, to the new Accidents, to a purer link of course, to his, hence, the error of long
       ago was now mended, and put upon the next, and those of the far past who could do evil and grovel in it, wallow in their mortality, until
       their end, would die out—; God had waited long enough, lest he wait forever, And so, came the hour that the era of darkness had ended.
And accordingly, humanity became no longer sufficiently dead—acts now
       mattered, thoughts appeared: “I know, I know!” Man had to Reproach himself or what he done, or what he didn’t do he was accountable. 
No longer free from his monstrous evil deeds—yet, instead of song
       and hurrying, man turned his back on whom he called “Creator”
(the very one, who had planted the link…)
And made no appeasement—they made no conciliation, asking for no pardon for what they knew
       now was sin—for  this reason, the world-over became an Impulsive, and  pondering, place to live, one that you would think, Never received the link, once upon a time, long ago.

#3471 (11-21-2012)