Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Midsummer Moon

(The Demonic Dwellers from Hell; the Charnel House)

May, the month of May, derives from Maia which comes from
       Hell; and the Greek Goddess Maia; the bright star, Good Mother!  That’s May all over.
In May you can hear the Demonic Dwellers howling from their
       charnel house, their barracks in Hell…
In May you can even see the shimmer of their shadows, as they
       seep out  one by one, under the Midsummer Moon:
In a continuous flow, naked as jaybirds, covered with slush and
       mud from their yearlong confinement, looking at each other, From end to end: from head to toe, as if for some respective
Far from the door ajar, they explore.
As the Month of May passes, they shrivel and shrivel more and
       more, then brought back to the crack  of that corpse like door,
       all back swelling in the charnel house once more:
Thus, no one need bother, nor worry about the Demonic Dwellers of
       Hell, nature has forbidden them to remain on earth’s soil.
They have no deathbed you see, and how often I have seen their
       heads swing out through that door in the Month of May—the Bone Built doors, heavy boned, banging their heads against the
       jambs: for they are tall and thin, cross-eyed, small and pointed  Ears on their heads, heads shaped like  needle pins, coned heads
       that is.
Thus the door shuts and the room once more is no longer vacant, it
       is full again: edge to edge—up to the brim, the rim, of the walled In barracks—and  it should be said: the Imps of Hell, are finished, They have now disinfected the enormous room, for you can’t be too
       careful even in Hell, a large family  indeed, who live like pigs, oh Such unsavory ways.

#3467 (11-18-2012)