Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Promise of Minnesota

When I   was young and in my prime, winter time
       in Minnesota had no promise or memory of warmth!
Always incommode by snow, pouring down through the
       cracks of the sky, like cats and dogs of all size—it took
All my energy to last the winter out—waiting to clutch the
       Grass of spring; thus, I could hear the earth drinking
And  sighing,  —soaked, bowed grasses as if tormented:
       henceforward, for memory sake, just galling! And so on.

But I now have left her for a new lover: the mountains and
       the sea—for a few new fixed starts, lest I go blindly
In circles in the haunting dark Andes…!

#3469/11-19-2012/ For: Gail Weber