Monday, December 10, 2012

Man’s Imagination

God once  upon a time, long ago, cut the imagination out of man’s mind
       for one day and one night, I am told, thus, he found—that is,  man found, he could now rest more easily, sleep more deeply, and he no
       longer ran like a rabbit after his sexual wishes, desires, and needs. He no longer moped with a lowered jaw. His gravitational field had a
       better balance. But a problem appeared, as if out of nowhere, he rolled over like a dog: over and over and over, as if he was searching
       for something long lost. He got bruised and bloodied as if torn to pieces by thorn bushes; hence, he started to weep, unable to replace
       this loss. And so, at the end of one day and one night, God gave back to man, once again, his Imagination.

#3481 (12-5-2012)