Sunday, May 1, 2016

Origin of the Sphinx ((In Haiku form) (An Atlantean Poem)) IV

Origin of the Sphinx
((In Haiku form) (An Atlantean Poem))  IV

The Sphinx, built by the
survivors of Atlantis
to commemorate

the event; thus, its
construction by those decedents
of the once angelic

renegades, the Watchers
in the 10th Millennium B.C.
was the beginning

of Egyptian history.

No: 5203/4-28-2016

Note: Plato’s Atlantis came from Egypt’s archives, about 400 B.C., (fictitious or not, it is where the story originated) as he was doing some research, indicating Atlantis, a small continuant between Greenland and the Pillars of Hercules with a semi-supernatural inhabitants, especially in its leadership (such as, Atlas, and his son Poseidon whom were liken to Gilgamesh: demigods), was destroyed some 9000-years prior.  It would also seem fitting to say, Orion, the constellation, was over the land of Egypt at around this period, let’s say, 10,500 B.C., and thus, the Sphinx, was aligned with the Pyramids, which was aligned with Orion (or perhaps it was the other way, vice versa).