Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lost Days

I had a dream, sweeping thorough me today: deep to deeper.
Seven billion human beings, like colossal demon, trodden the world’s streets! 
Seven-hundred and fifty billion pounds of flesh, blood and meat.
And we were multiplying…
The world’s floor was sinking in, wavering like a kite in the wind.
We grew faint, and the world lost its counterclockwise spin.
I could hear the racking of earth’s fault plates as they shifted, rotated.
Slabs hitting one another as they vibrated under earth’s crust.
And I could hear the shocks of cities riven by earthquakes.
And I could hear and see, the coastal masses crumbling in front of chaotic sea waves.
Yes, all in one little dream-vision.
Writing now of the doom and sorrow yet to come, dreadful can be the fathoms of time—
Their hidden mysteries.
Time is a stairway to change, and if there is no change, steps crumble one by one—
These are lost days, falling into a gulf of nothingness.