Sunday, May 1, 2016

Atlantean Poetry

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Atlantean Poetry

An Ebon-Colored Rose
(An Atlantean Poem)  Part one of three

Map of Atlantis (by the author)

A tale of an olden time, when men of partial supernatural birth, gave sons and daughters, to mother-earth shepherd and shepherdess, Archkings and Prince, and nobles, all walked the heartlands of Atlantis: swam in the River Amphus, strolled along the delta, picked the black poppy and the black lotus, veiled in the house of roses, gazed at the black beetles in amber—

A time when Aon, Hippocampi, seahorse of the days of Atlantis, was summoned to the mountain-heartland of Poseidonis, to bring an Ebon-colored Rose, given by the Prince of Poets, Athallorion, of Atlantis, whose spirit still walks beneath the Great Sea, —in this Pre Cataclysmic Age, gave it to the Archking Atlas CLIII!

Close the ‘Book of Athallorion,’  was his last command, which held his last poem in it, that, which  he had written at the age of ninety-seven ‘Sfamoônophamos’ in the year 13003 B.C., for the 3003rd Jubilee, and thus,  the legend rests…

#5164/4-18-2016 / By D.L. Siluk © April, 2016

An Age-old Love 
(An Atlantean Poem)  Two of Three

Earth-Mother-goddess (by the author)

It was in the time of Atlas CXXIX when a shepherd and his shepherdess— ((Laillquis and Xilvaâ) (9387 B.C.?)) United in spirit and love, in spite of her father’s high minded wishes to marry the likes of a Prince. Yet, in spite of her sorrow she would not marry without his consent!

Because of her regret and grief, her tears turned the light western lake to a light colored blue.

The Archking seeing this, challenged Septemmis, and he relented to the king.

And for the Shepherd and his Shepherdess, they roamed the vast plateaus of Astrakhan, the Vale of Atlantis, and her southern in-lands. Too, the great mountain heartland, and the Vale of Mythrom, and lived their days in the dry winters and mild summers, and climbed the highest peaks of the great mountains, as high as the Himalayas, and knelt to the cult Earth-mother-goddess,
Atalantossa, and to the Bull of Taurus.

#5165/4-20-2016 / By D.L. Siluk © April, 2016

Beyond the Reach of Wings! 
 ((Double Haiku) (An Atlantean Poem))  Part Three of Three

The Great Citadel
Of Poseidonis, with its
Endless corridors 

Gave a cradle-realm
As high whereto the phoenix
Flies, to mighty kings.

#5169/4-23-2016 / By D.L. Siluk © April, 2016