Saturday, May 7, 2016

Axis of Death

Axis of Death
(A Vietnam War Poem) Part II

In the war in Vietnam, they cut off hands, and cut out eyes!  Just a few of the many       torments!
I found a bravery in me,        unsuspected,    but all the same       it was there—

I called out in the darkness, to a man’s shadow, he was frozen in      fright
We were being bombarded with rockets this certain night!
I slapped him silly, shook him sideways, per near upside-down.

The explosions froze him up,        like a turnip.
I knew it would all be over in an hour or two, or at least by morning!
And so it was, by late morning,      all over.

After all these years I can still see this dummy target, I had to shake, rattle and roll       out of shock, —
Clumsy as an ox!
And for that reason I couldn’t help having a certain confidence in me.

“I’ve had enough” he finally said to me, and then ran and hid, to where,    who knows…,       I never seen him again…
I said,   “He’s too frightened to be in this war!”

But being a little frightened perhaps is good        therapy?

No: 5202/4-28-2016