Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Still-soliciting Eye

A Still-soliciting Eye
((Hence, To-night) (Inspired by Shakespearian Play, King Lear))

If I were King Lear
And I am not
One child of three would truly love me—
And perhaps not!
The other two would do me wrong
For a dance or song:
Take me out of the grave,
Chain me to a wheel of fire,
As to have no need to break my bones.
Love, nothing can come from nothing,
Nor can it bear roots out of indifference.
To the child who has no love, life
Is cheap as a beast’s—
Once to them I was the pillars of earth,
Now a pillar of bitter salt.
Do they not know the wheel will come full circle?
Time will unfold their covered faults.
I am still here!
Love, ask me not what I know—
They are an egg, cracked in two.

#5225/ 5-2-2016
Note:  Inspired by life and Shakespeare’s Play, ‘King Lear.