Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Oedipus Curse

The Oedipus Curse
(M.R.’s Hang-up/or, Neuroses)

M.R., he was like a plume cracked open—
A hawk on fire!
In the whack of the wind, he told me one afternoon
((I was just a kid of fifteen, knew him since I was ten) (he to, a good Catholic boy two years younger))
He had made whoopee, like Oedipus with his mother!
I thought, “Why’s he telling me this?
Is he wrapped in some internal strife, some entangling hedges,” I told my mind’s eye; today I’d call it, Neuroses.
Or perhaps that’s what he has now, not then.
Was he choked up with gull bird hair?
And needed to get it out?
There was only one place to get to, and that was far away from him.
Yet I thought I knew him infinitely.
Thereafter our paths narrowed to a hollow.
It has been fifty-years, a half-cemetery, and my mind asks, why? 
Can such behavior, attained comfort?
Is it some abstract obsession?
Why I’ll never know.
But why he told me, I presuppose is that it was the last limit of imaginable horror a person can commit!
And for some reason I was his priest, and he sought absolution, for I made no condemnation.

#5153 (4-19 thru 21 April, 2016)

Note:  The ideas of such incest, between mother and son, go farther back than the play Oedipus by Sophocles, 425 B.C., the idea is brought to light as far back as 1250 to 800 B.C., Homeric beliefs.   The poem being non-fiction, is not a judgment, it is not for me to make, perhaps M.R., was a tragic hero, perhaps not, mothers have as much love as authority, and at times it can get blurred.  But the poem needed to be written sooner or later.  We must take into consideration, Oedipus, whom inspired me to write the poem, he himself was a daemon, or demigod, king, and consort of the Queen.