Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Gorge Burial

The Gorge Burial   
((A 1984 Vision, retold #2) (Arch devil Belphegor))

Out of mausoleum darkness     fingertips, with long canine nails, appeared—

I had gazed on the dead features     in a gorge like burial   and averted my eyes very hastily—

It was a vision of macabre suspense, as a Black Hand, palsy-nodding hand, slowly approached, —

Heavily figured, wide like a curtain, with spacious and mortuary shadows,
somewhat against my will

moved to block my vision       the perforation was filled with corpses       a worm infested tomb.

Onlookers, watching, not lacking in morbid curiosity seemingly of an ancient time
                                                               gazed upon the chilled site

all seemingly possessed a cheerful fascination of this      genocide,        apocalypse!

The hand now blocking my vision,     hollowed faced, haunted eyes…    said not a word!


Note: A 1984 Vision, retold, originally written to a lesser degree, in a more classical  rhyming form and schema,   in the book, and long epic poem  and classic  called: “The Last Trumpet and Woodbridge Demon” by the same author.