Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bleak Drizzle

Bleak Drizzle
((A 1984 Vision, retold) (Arch devil Belphegor))

Into a long drawn-out vision,     thicken with twilight,
I was confused of what side of earth it came from,

heaven or hell?

But before me in the pale mist, of which there was no faint glare,      but a flare of color to be taken

                                                  a large man sat

with a drowned out purple and scarlet      robe,
crowned with rubies. diamonds and gold       on  a

mahogany, and teakwood throne. 

The vision came together with an unnatural quickness, as if the being      wished to overtake me

and I felt a dim concern if not alarm      as if my vision had stepped into a region that was more dubious

than I desired.

A chill come to me, deathly      along with a disquieting mystery.

His appearance then shifted before me,     his face     blurred, as it shape-changed into uncertainty,

malevolent, vindictive,

as if it was coming out of a ghost-land, a woods.

I stood in this vision pausing and peering.

I could no longer see the heavy wrought-iron face of whom I presumed to be Arch devil, himself: Belphegor

(king of the demons)

Now he portrayed a forbidding air,      one I felt in the marrow of my bones,      a brooding coldness that could only come from     the demonic world!

But there was a gateway for escape to this vision     thus I  followed the light,      the vision dissolved itself among

the shrubs, and bleak drizzle of a woods of no certain kind!


Note: A 1984 Vision, retold, originally written to a lesser degree, in a more classical  rhyming form and schema,   in the book, and long epic poem  and classic  called: “The Last Trumpet and Woodbridge Demon” by the same author.